Clear FM - Frequency Meditation

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Clear FM - Frequency Meditation

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Clear FM is an album of sounds that promote relaxation and meditation through a combination of frequencies. Light, body and sound are brought together through the seven colours of the spectrum of visible light, the seven chakras and the seven Pythagorean tonal modes.

You can use this album in a variety of ways, for example:

  • as an aid to relaxation and meditation in personal or group practice
  • to create the perfect atmosphere for healing arts like massage and reiki
  • to promote clarity and receptiveness whilst working and resting.

Clear FM has been created by Blue Yates and Monica DC for Frequency Meditation Records.

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About Frequency Meditation and Clear FM

All things are connected. This interconnection can be experienced through the senses. We can hear, see, feel and touch frequencies manifest in terms of light, sound and physical form.

We believe in the value of creative interaction, in the necessity of finding things out for ourselves, and the importance of helping others to do the same.

Under the banner of Frequency Meditation, we have created resources to help everybody explore their many forms of awareness. The first of these resources is Clear Frequency Meditation.

Clear FM is a creative collaboration between Blue Yates and Monica DC. It is an audio resource that provides the perfect atmosphere for meditation, and also offers an ambient soundtrack to any relaxation activity.

Guided FM is a chakra-based meditation written and presented by Monica DC.  It is available here.

About Blue Yates – An acclaimed performer and provider of music. A composer of guitar music ideally suited to film and TV and originator or contributor to nine albums. Rekoba Sound is Blue Yates’s independent record label. An innovative educator in the History of Music. A tutor of Classical and Latin Guitar with fifteen years teaching experience.