Jackie DeBlasio, Artist, Teacher and Business Mentor, is deeply dedicated in supporting the women whom she works with by encouraging them to create a strong connection to their internal wisdom, allowing them to align with the sacred work that they are meant to carry into the world.
She encourages women to rediscover their inner guidance and timeless strength as they delve into who they truly are. It is like a remembering as she holds creative space for them as they peel back the layers of who they think they and their work should look like and instead allow it to evolve naturally into its most authentic expression of its true form. This is when break throughs occur and finding their own rhythm and expression of their passions come to light.
Jackie's favourite tool of access into our inner wisdom is through Intentional Creativity and has trained extensively with the life changing program Colour of Woman taught by Shiloh Sofia. 
Working with the archetype of the Inner Priestess through visioning, journaling and then bringing her to form on the canvas is an integral part of her life and work. . She believes that we each carry the Priestess energy and are able to shape shift our lives where desired with empowerment and grace. 
Jackie teaches these methods extensively in the Priestess Portraits commissioned work, her online workshops, retreats and also within the SoulFire Mentorship Program as they offer fresh and fun ways of developing our heart based work and passions for fulfillment and abundance.
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