Josiah Bouricius is a Success Coach, Feng Shui consultant and global transformation leader. He has been practicing traditional Chinese energy techniques for over 15 years and trained extensively in the U.S. and China with some of the world’s most accomplished teachers. For more than 10 years, he has been a student of Marie Diamond, the "Feng Shui Master To The Stars" who has appeared the film "The Secret". He is a certified Diamond Feng Shui consultant and Diamond Team member.

He also worked at the Mindshift Institute's Center For New Knowledge. Inspired and supported by Apollo astronaut, physicist and IONS founder Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the Institute focuses on exploring spiritual phenomena through a scientific perspective. At the Institute Josiah worked with global leaders in fields including consciousness, energy medicine, quantum physics and much more.

Josiah Bouricius
Certified Diamond Feng Shui Consultant