WHAT is the REAP ABUNDANCE Guidebook?

The REAP Abundance Guidebook exists to support you in getting clear about why you are here and seeds that you must plant in order to leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones, community, peers, teachers and the world. It provides deep questions and simple practices and rituals to enable you to make choices to lead a more creative, abundant and meaningful life that leaves a legacy in the world around you.

The Reap Abundance Guidebook is Monica's book setting out the core principles of The Reap Abundance Pathway with deep questions, simple practices and rituals to help you to integrate abundance into their daily life. 

The REAP Abundance Guidebook and the Pathway that stems from are created to help you to:

  •     make the most of the creative gifts that you have 
  •     focus and bring passion into the work that you do 
  •     stop depleting yourself so that you can be energised and vibrant 
  •     live in alignment, integrity and truth 
  •     bring harmony to your relationships 
  •     live a life that is fulfilling and prosperous 
  •     leave a lasting positive impact on the world around you.

What is the REap Abundance Pathway?

The Reap Abundance Pathway is the signature system of Rev. Monica Douglas-Clark

It is a particular way of travelling along the cycle of life from before birth to beyond death devised by Rev. Monica as a result of 16 plus years of working with hundreds of people in various forms of personal, professional and spiritual development. It supports you in making the most of the time that you have here on earth, in this particular body, at this particular time.


The process starts with clearing the way with The Divine Declutter.  

Start with a Divine De-Clutter HERE

The Divine De-Clutter is followed by four foundation stones:

The Four Foundation Stones

Foundation Stone 1 - Restore purpose to release passion

Foundation Stone 2 - Energise vitality to experience connection

Foundation Stone 3 - Awaken truth to align action

Foundation Stone 4 - Perceive abundance to present your legacy

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