Thank you for your Support to US


A revolutionary riddle to solve? Want to book me for a speaking gig ? Maybe you just want send us a hug? 

We'd LOVE to hear from you.

The best way to contact me is to send my Awesome Apprentice and Personal Assistant Jordan an email - Please practice gentle loving kindness while you wait for a response from us.  We work on right timing at The Nurturing Journey because we think our current culture puts to much pressure on us to do things NOW-NOW and this causes unnecessary stress.  We aim to reply back in 48-72 hours. 


A loving reminder: It's important to us that we have down time at the weekends so that we remain sane, healthy, happy and fulfil our mission.  If you email during that time please know we will pick your message up on Monday morning.  

One Love, One Heart, One Spirit Monica and Jordan xxx