Cleansing Kickstart - Personal Transformation Day

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Cleansing Kickstart - Personal Transformation Day


Are you sick of stagnation? Do you want to "let go" of what holds you back?Are you ready to feel fully alive?

Find your clear way forward for your Body, Heart, Mind & Soul with your Personal Transformation Day.

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The Cleansing Kickstart -  1:1 Personal Transformation Day is a deep, juicy immersion into the depths of your body, heart, mind and soul. You will receive undivided attention to enable you to transform a key aspect of yourself that wishes to be expressed fully right now. We will use powerful questioning, deep listening and nurturing practices to support you to awaken, transform and grow. We will end the day with a beautiful gratitude ceremony to open up to your new way of being.


Working together, we will bring the wants and needs of your body, heart, mind and soul together with the aspects of you that are ready to manifest right now.

Your Cleansing Kickstart Personal Transformation Day will be supported by a pre immersion call to identify any specific needs that you have and will be followed by a post immersion call to debrief and integrate the learning from your immersion experience.

"I'd like to begin by thanking you so much for giving me the opportunity to experience [the transformation] day on Wednesday. I felt fully supported and nurtured. Fully heard and safe. A truly in the moment day. Your gentle encouragement to tease out what we needed to focus on and then guiding me through my thoughts on the different elements and how they can be applied helped me to understand the process. Opened me up and allowed release quite spontaneously. I enjoyed the whole experience. My need to listen to what my body is telling me. The need for those moments to allow the process to unfold in a natural way which of course is what nature teaches us but modern life ignores. Sharing and time to review and record insights with feedback on your observations were extremely helpful. I now have some useful insights and tools to explore as the process continues. I would highly recommend  the [transformation] day to others... I feel sure that any one who feels drawn to this work would have great benefit. Each day will by it's nature be unique and special and just requires your presence which you do so beautifully and naturally. It is who you are...  Once again thank you, thank you for giving me an amazing experience."

Love & Blessings
Vanessa xxx

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