Nurturing Yoga


 Nurturing Yoga Introduction Course 

Take time to de-stress and relax and learn yoga practices to do at home 

The Nurturing Yoga Introduction Course exists to train you how to manage the stresses of day- to-day life with yoga. This course provides you with support for your body, heart, mind and spirit and is specifically designed to help you to integrate yoga into your daily schedule in simple and non-stressful ways. 

The Nurturing Yoga Introduction Course is not a general weekly yoga class. It is a six-week course that teaches you practical yogic techniques to nurture your best self. It is a deeply relaxing and supportive course in a small group setting to give you a tailored and personal experience. There is no pressure to keep up or tie yourself in knots and you will be able to work at a pace that feels right for you. 

During these six-weeks you will learn Nurturing Yoga techniques that help you feel energized and boost your energy, let go of pent up emotions, develop focus and clarity of mind, release tension in your body, reconnect to your essential nature and relax, rebalance and sleep well. These practices are simple and quick and will help you to manage day-to-day stress on your body, emotions, mind and relationships. 

By attending the Nurturing Yoga Introduction Course you will be able to: 

 use simple postures (asanas) to prevent burn out, depletion and boost your energy 

 recognise unhelpful or stressful breathing patterns and practice yogic breathing techniques to feel calm and centered 

 use specific guided relaxations and yogic sleep techniques to support rest, good sleep and relaxation 

 use hand gestures (mudras) to aid relaxation and stress management in daily life 

 recognise your learning, progress and increase your level of body and breath awareness 

 reconnect to your natural energy cycles to feel balanced and grounded 

 apply basic philosophy of yoga in a simple way 

 remember to nurture yourself without feeling bad or guilty. 


You will be given a Nurturing Yoga Introduction Guidebook as a companion to help to keep you on track and help to you record your insights. There will also be additional resources to help you to learn including handouts and short meditations. In addition to this each student will also receive extra support through two 1:1 coaching sessions. 

At the end of the course you will be presented with a certificate of attendance to recognise your commitment and learning. Students who have completed this course will also have the opportunity to progress to other Nurturing Yoga Courses; Nurturing Yoga Practitioner 1, Nurturing Yoga Practitioner 2 and Nurturing Yoga Teacher Training. 

This course is taught by Monica Douglas-Clark, an experienced and qualified Yoga teacher, International Workshop Facilitator and Teacher Trainer. She is an Accredited Teacher and Pregnancy Yoga Teacher for the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) and a certified Teacher on the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). She started her yogic practice in 1980s and has spent the last 15 years teaching yoga with over 10,000 hours of teaching experience. Monica is a dedicated yoga practitioner who started her yogic practice in 1980s. She has spent the last 15 years teaching yoga with over 10,000 hours of teaching experience of general, pregnancy, postnatal and recovery yoga courses as well as yoga teacher training. 

Pre assessments and taster sessions 

19 Sept Open Day and/or a free 15 minute introductory consultation call. 

6 Core Course Sessions 

Dates TBC

Time: TBC – 

Introduction Course Breakdown: 

 15 minute initial consultation 

 6 x 1.5 Hour Sessions 

 Nurturing Yoga Guidebook 

 Additional Handouts 

 Nurturing Yoga Introduction Certificate 


+ Bonus Nurturing Yoga Gift Package including: 

 Breath Awareness Meditation Download 

 Intuitive Movement Practice Download 

 Magical Mudra’s Online Course: Taster Version 

 2x 1:1 Coaching Sessions