Monica Douglas-Clark Inspires rebellious souls and revolutionary leaders


Transform Fear of CHange INTO a LOVE of LIfe


Do you think the world needs to change? That the world needs more love, peace, joy and abundance for all? What if I were to say that you could claim that deep love, peace, joy and abundance of life right now.  If I were to say that you are the change that you long for -  all that you need to do is claim it.  How would it feel for me to say that there is no blueprint for life, that you have your own unique message, your own unique song that can only be sung by you, would that change your life forever? Who are you here to BE? 

I'm Rebel Rev. Monica Douglas-Clark -  global interfaith minister, spiritual guide, transformational trainer, teacher and revolutionary business leader. 

I exist to inspire you to awaken your rebellious soul; to live and work in a way that helps you to fulfil the unique contribution that you're here to make in the world; to become a lover of life in all seasons and cycles, through all ups and downs;  to enable you connect to your energy cycles and embrace all aspects of yourself body, heart, mind and soul.  I'm here to help you to connect to spirit in a form that resonates for you beyond religion, beyond dogma, beyond form supporting you to reveal the unique contribution that you are here to make in the world, at home and at work. Are you ready to awaken your rebellious soul and live the life of your dreams?  Click HERE to connect with me now.

Everyday, I live The Nurturing Journey of awakening my rebellious soul to love.  I am a wife, a mother to many, a daughter, sister, friend, colleague and employer. I am also that which is beyond all form that which I call the deep love. Each day I choose to embrace all aspects of myself by being me, being you and being free to BE. Sometimes, its easy sometimes, when the shit hits the fan, it's really hard.  One of my favourite quotes is "We all have the potential to be great souls and arse holes" - Tim Freke. It's a choice in any moment and in this moment I choose the deepest love of my highest self. Who will you choose to be?

As a revolutionary business leader, running three businesses and various voluntary positions, I know what it's like to juggle. I am committed to living this this life to it's fullest and helping others to do the same Through one of my revolutionary businesses, The Nurturing Journey, I support rebellious souls and revolutionary leaders to awaken to this Deep Love in all it's fullness by connecting to spirit, fulfilling missions, living dreams and transforming the world.  I do this through bespoke spiritual guidance, ceremonies,  transformational training and retreats.

My mission is to support a Global Rebellious Soul Awakening. A Spiritual Revolution where at least 1 million rebellious souls and revolutionary leaders transform the world by moving from a fear of change into a love of life through The Nurturing Journey.

I invite you to join me on The Nurturing Journey now... to take your next step to claiming your fullness, your beauty, your shadow, all aspects of you... all of it...  

Are you ready to join us in our Rebellious Souls Awakening Family?


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