From a Fear or Scarcity to an Abundance of Love

I have had the word 'scarcity' running through my head all weekend, since the events in Paris. For me, the events are not just about Paris. They are a stark and scary reminder about our whole world and the destruction, fear, and terror that is being inflicted all over our planet, under our noses, and on our watch.

I feel that a mindset of scarcity is at the centre of the tragedy that we are living in. If we have the courage to change our mindset, we can create a more abundant view of the world.

Scarcity is defined firstly as an 'inadequate supply; dearth; paucity of something'. In the gym, at the shops, walking along the street, and in other places that I have been this weekend, I have heard various conversations that focussed on scarcity and lack.

I have heard conversations about there being inadequate supply of security, protection, government action against terrorists, money, land, food, and infrastructure. I have heard people say "there is nothing we can do".

The recurring message that I have been hearing is that we are powerless. There is not enough 'x', you are not enough 'x', and I am not enough 'x' to resolve this problem.

I know for myself that whenever I get into this mindset of scarcity and lack, I paralyse myself from acting to move towards a resolution. I have seen how this operates in my family, with my friends, my teachers, my business, and in institutions that I support and am a part of.

A scarcity mindset restricts the flow of love that wants to pour from my heart and mind.

So, I choose to believe in abundance. A state where there is more than enough love, land, food, money, infrastructure, compassion, and care to change our world for the better.

Just to be clear, I am not talking about the wasteful overconsumption and hoarding that is being peddled as abundance. I am talking about a recognition that amongst all living creatures on this planet, there is more than enough for us all.

Providing that is, that we choose to protect life, our environment, and communities from destruction, and exploitation, and we choose to live in harmony and cooperation with each other.

When we cultivate a mindset of abundance, we recognise that we have more than enough people on this planet who are committed to action and changes in our individual behaviour and consciousness, to bring a counter balance to the fear and terror.

We are powerful beyond measure in our bodies, hearts, and minds.

I have been heartened by the people who are praying, sending love, supporting one another, and saying "What can I do to change this?".

What can we do?

We can step out of the media indoctrinated responses. We can choose to remind ourselves of the abundance that we have all around us and share it with others. We can make the effort to live in a way that has integrity. If we choose to do this, we will start to believe in the power of small changes and individual action to influence the wider world.

Scarcity is also secondly defined as a 'rarity or infrequent occurrence'. Our media want to keep us in a state of fear, so they have us believe that nothing good ever happens in the world.

Think of the ratio of doom and gloom in the news, to the one 'and finally' bit of light at the end of the broadcast. Let us also remember that although tragic and devastating, bombings such as those in Paris this weekend are thankfully an infrequent occurrence.

There are wars all over the world, yet the majority of people do live in relative peace.

The majority of people live in harmony with their neighbours, and some even act as genuine caretakers for the land, animals, and people that they live with.

Let us remember to tell those stories too.

Let us remember that we have a choice whether to be paralysed by scarcity, or act towards bringing an abundance of love back into the world.

I am going to invite us to share stories of abundance to bring some balance into the messages of scarcity we are seeing and hearing on social media. I have decided that over the next 10 days, I am going to share personal stories of when I personally have experienced an abundance of love, and I challenge you to do the same?

Share your story with the hashtag #abundanceoflove and tag @thenjourney so that we can share your stories to bring some balance into the world.

If nothing else, it will help us to feel less sad... as though we can bring a little light back into the world.



Full Moon - Half Moon - Total Eclipse

Are you starting to think that maybe there might be something to all of this talk about the affect of the moon on human behaviour?

Yesterday, I stayed up to observe the supermoon 'blood moon' and total eclipse along with hundreds of thousands of other people around the world. I am still struggling to put into words how I feel about it all.

Over the last few years, I've been observing whether my energy levels are affected by what is happening with the moon and the seasons. It's been fascinating for me to see how the moon affects my moods, my energy and my menstrual cycle.  Its been fascinating to work with others too and see how it affects their behaviour differently or in similar ways.

I'm more interested in felt experience than the cognitive process and scholarly articles. I'm no astrologer, astonomer or scientist but I am a keen observer of behaviour and a long time energy worker.

I know in my bones that we are part of the cycles of nature including the rhythms of the moon.  I have seen how tracking energy cycles and circadian rhythms can be insightful and useful for women with or without a menstrual cycle and also men who notice large fluctuations in their energy levels.  My own experience with this work has taken me from erratic energy, pain, disease and disconnection to balanced cyclical energy, healing and deep connection (that story is for another blog).

For me personally,  this supermoon marks the beginning of a new phase. I feel energised and renewed. It marks the start of me talking to people about my experience of working deeply with ceremony and rituals around the phases of the moon and making myself more available as a Transformational Guide for people in midst of transition, transformation and growth.

What about you? Did you stay up to watch the eclipse?  How are you feeling today? What are your thoughts and experiences of energy fluctuations and the moon?  Would love you to comment below... Or send me a personal email and I'll get back to you...



Miranda Gray: Thank you for inviting us to embrace our cyclical nature.

Around the world, women and men struggle to connect with their own essential nature. We are taught to deny our true selves and fit into concepts of a very unbalanced world. This affects our relationships with ourselves, our loves ones and the world.

I'd like to give gratitude to Miranda Gray, the founder of the Worldwide Womb Blessing which connects over 100,000 women and supportive men, five times a year in a blessing bringing greater healing worldwide. I've experienced first hand my own awakening of my own divine energy through her work.

I am so grateful to Miranda Gray for sharing the womb blessing and womb healing practices with me over the last few years. It's been such a healing, joyful, and powerful experience to train as an Advanced Moon Mother and to reclaim all aspects of being a woman; I embrace my dynamism, my openness, my fierceness and my inner wisdom. I am also grateful to myself, for saying yes to the training, and doing the work of a Moon Mother. You can find out more about what it means to be a Moon Mother by clicking here.

It has been such an honor to give Womb Blessings, Womb Healings, Female Soul Pattern Healings and The Gift for Men.

Last week, I was in The New Forest preparing to join the ceremonies at Stonehenge and Avebury Stone Circle, with women from all over the world preparing for the Worldwide Womb Blessing, Moon Mother Training and associated healing rituals. I have been relatively quiet about this until now, but seeing the commitment of the women who have travelled for days to come together last week from Argentina, Colombia, Canada, US, UK, Germany, Thailand, and many other places to be part of this, I feel that it's my duty to start shouting about it too.

I know from personal experience of fibroids, miscarriage, fertility treatment, major abdominal surgery, and from working intensively with this process, how deeply healing and empowering it can be. It was an amazing experience to spend a whole week with women from all around the world in training, celebrations, and ceremonies, leading up to the full moon ceremonies at Stonehenge, Avebury Stone Circle, and Glastonbury Tor. The energy was AMAZING !!!

The purpose of the blessing at the heart of these ceremonies is to enable more women to be healthy, comfortable, whole, and well at the level of their body, heart, mind and spirit. This changes everything in the way we relate to ourselves and each other as women, in our partnerships, family, and work.

Do you know someone who has fibroids, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis or pelvic pain? Or perhaps who has had abdominal surgery, caesarian, sexual abuse, miscarriage, abortion, difficulties with menstruation or fertility, or is menopausal, and who isn't acting like herself fully?

I want to share this post with you because there is a free and powerful process that I know has the power to help them move towards recovery and wholeness.

The starting point of this process is a meditation and 20 minute distance group healing called the “Worldwide Womb Blessing” that happens 5 times a year. The next one is happening on Tuesday, 27th October, with around 100,000 people attending.

You can register now to to receive the blessing on in October, and you can receive the blessing wherever you are, at the times listed on the website. Men are also welcome to support this process too, and there are specific meditations for men.

Email me at if you’d like more info, and I'll let you know how you can access this path to wholeness and wellness.

If you know someone who could do with this kind of support, please share this post with them, and encourage them to check out the page or put them in touch with me.



Gratitude, appreciation and the power of Thank you

Thank you I'm on a mission to show gratitude and appreciation to the people that have supported  me to be where I am today. So, I start with saying thank you to you for reading my  posts, being in touch with me and supporting me in all the ways that you do.

I'm also deeply grateful for all of my teachers. So, today, I also want to say thank you to  my "close to home" yoga teacher, Swami Satyaprakash aka Ann Fletcher, Director of t  the Satyananda Yoga Centre Birmingham.

As my yoga teacher, trainer and mentor, Satyaprakash has given me over 15 years of  solid and beautiful teachings that have helped me to transform my life. She has also  become not only a great teacher of mine but a dear friend. It has been a difficult time  over the last year in the world of Satyananda yoga, yet she works ceaselessly to cut t  through the crap and share the love that she has for these profound yoga practices. She  has supported me through life's ups and downs and through my training and growth as  a yoga teacher, trainer and assessor. She was also there at my recent ordination as a  One Spirt Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor. She is dedicated, full on, doesn't  hold prisoners and is at the same time wonderfully caring and supportive.

This is why I am teaching a one-off yoga class on Wednesday 5 August 2015 in Birmingham and inviting you to attend if you are local. I teach nurturing yoga courses now and rarely teach general classes anymore but I am teaching this one as an act of gratitude for all of the yoga teachings that I have received through her that have helped me develop my own way of sharing my love of yoga.I am teaching a Nurturing Yoga session as part of Satyananda Yoga Summer School in Birmingham - There are other teachers teaching over the summer too if you can attend more than one.

Venue: Friends Meeting House, Colmore Road, Kings Heath, B14 7PE

Time: 7.30pm to 9pm

Cost: £7.50 per class

Dates: Wednesdays 22, 29 July and 5, 12, 19, 26 August

Booking is important! Please see booking form below:

All profits from the sessions go to 3 local charities. Riding for the Disabled Beyond the Horizon Eve Brook Scholarship Fund

For further details visit Phone SYC on 0121 444 5976 or email the team at SYC Birmingham on

I look forward to supporting her and the karma yoga team at SYC to share yoga and to raise funds too.



Is someone waiting for an invitation from you?

I woke up this morning with the thought that if I really want to make time to be with someone I need to send an invitation.  Has someone ever said to you. "You never come to visit or I don't see you much"? I don't know about you, but for me life is full of things to do, places and people to see and my diary is often booked months in advance. This means, I often just wait for a firm invitation, event or appointment before I go somewhere or see someone.

An invitation is a reason to prioritise one thing over another. It moves people, places and actions up the "to do" list.  It removes any ambiguity about whether your presence is wanted in a space or not.  It avoids the assumption "You know you are always welcome".  With a genuine invitation you actually do know you are welcome and wanted and are therefore more likely to make the effort.

So here is my invitation to you.  If you like who I am and what I do I would love to see you and have a chat. It would be great if you can come and play on The Nurturing Journey with me, share some nurturing yoga, have some laughs and generally help the world feel like a better place.  Would you like to come to anything that I've got planned? If you want, You can click here for the details.

It feels good to extend the invitation. Now you know you are welcome



Anyone else wondering - How did we get to February so quickly?

So, I’ve had the most inspiring, challenging and heart expanding beginning of the year. I had big plans for January 2015. I had written them down in my Shining Year 2015 workbook and everything! Did any of it happen? Well... What I’d planned to do was to ace my Interfaith Ministry ceremonies and assignments; build amazing, relationships with my husband and family; run an excellent and transformative retreat at my retreat space Zion House; set up for the global launch of The Nurturing Journey, recruit to my six month Study and Sadhana Course, prepare for the moon wisdom ceremonies and support my Assistant and Apprentice Jordan to step fully into her role. I’d planned to do this all while remaining serene, calm and contented, of course! Ha ha!

What I experienced was a full on mix of the known and unexpected, which stretched me physically, mentally and emotionally and made me chuck many of my control freak plans out of the window. I pulled the card Surrender from my soul journey pack and that’s just what I had to do. It started with shock and grief and a deep need to support my darling husband with the unexpected death of his father including repatriation from Europe, family reunions and funeral; The delivery of an awe-inspiring 10 day retreat for world-changing women in Barbados then dealing with the aftermath of the burglary of my home on my return to the UK.


The ceremonies and assignments for my Interfaith Ministry have not been the ones on the syllabus but I have been doing the work. Actually, I have been living the work. I spontaneously created a baby blessing but not a usual one. Inspired by my own experience and the experience of friends of mine a blessing ceremony was created for those soul babies who only come into our lives briefly and whose lives we experience fleetingly through the experiences of fertility treatment, miscarriage, abortion, or still birth. And then, I was asked to plan the funeral, prepare and deliver the eulogy for my father-in-law. It’s been an honour, blessing and privilege to be called to do this work and it’s all been a bit much really.


Well yes, the retreat was awesome and so was the feedback. I thank the women involved for their wholehearted acceptance and embracing of The Nurturing Journey process and their trust in me to hold a safe space for their transformation. I was completely blown away by the experience and the radiance of the women at the end of the retreat.


My husband and our family have been truly amazing. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such love and support. The funeral also brought our family closer. The Douglas side of the family all turned up to support the Clarks in their time of grief and the Clarks were inspiring in their growth and use of the funeral to heal old wounds and reconnect. We are definitely the Douglas-Clarks - two families now one.


On the work front, we have had to relax our pace on plans for The Nurturing Journey and Jones and Clark. I thought I would be supporting my apprentice, Jordan. Turns out she was ready to step up and support me! What a star! I am in awe of her ability learn, her growth and developing maturity. I am truly grateful for all that she has done this month to support me personally and professionally. Something tells me she’ll be soon ready to shine very brightly in the world. I am honoured to have her on my team.


February has started well. Today, I had a wonderful core group for the Nurturing Yoga Study and Sadhana Course Introductory day. I have attracted people who are committed to developing a personal practice, integrating yoga into their daily life, sharing what they know with others and perhaps even becoming yoga teachers. It feels relaxed, inspiring and right. I feel that we will have a excellent group of students when the course starts on 1 March 2015.


I have to admit I haven’t managed to be consistently serene, calm and contented. I think that would be too much to ask. I have managed to maintain a sense of being “alright” amongst the exhilaration, tears, the fears and overwhelm. I’ve been taking my “Impatiens” flower remedy, thanks to Deborah Lovell, but I have also been eating quite a lot of cake! Hmmmm.


Let’s see what the rest of February brings and who else is called to step up on The Nurturing Journey. I’m determined to stay in a place of gratitude and to have the courage to let the universe do it’s best with me. I’m letting the full moon shine a light on it all this Tuesday. It all begins with the  FREE worldwide womb blessing on 3 February 2014.  There is still time to register.

Let me know how your January has been.  I'd love some more company on this unpredictable path. Bring it on…




As Darkness turns to Light

On Sunday 21 December we experience the Solstice, the longest night of the year.  It's a beautiful time which marks the beginning of the winter, Christmas and New Year festivities for me.  

We feel the warm, silky darkness of the night and know that we are about to allow the light and growth back in. It's a time for connecting to mother earth and her cosmic, deep, abundant giving through her womb.  It's the perfect time to recognise how far we have nourished ourself over the year, weed out anything that we no longer wish to grow and plant new seeds of intention for the year ahead.

Here at The Nurturing Journey we are preparing for a Solstice ceremony and setting the intentions for our Transformation Retreat which starts on 1 January here in Barbados.

As part of my gratitude practice, I want to say thank you for your love and support over the last year during my transformation. So I offer you this impromptu Solstice Meditation recorded in the early hours today on the deck.  CLICK HERE FOR YOUR SOLSTICE MEDITATION

Use the noises of nature to keep you present... ;) <3

One Love, One Heart

Monica x



What we can all learn from Thanksgiving even if we don't celebrate it...

I love this post from Mind Valley. I am a huge advocate of gratitude and gratefulness.  I live in the UK and Barbados and although we don't have a formal day of thanksgiving I want to challenge us to bring more of the power of gratitude into our lives. What do you think of the graphic?  What difference does gratefulness make in your life?  

With love to and from  x

12 Steps to Thrive



When Beauty, Love, Peace and Action come out of Tragedy

Last week, I had the humbling honour and privilege of leading a burial and memorial service for Louise Laurens – Lou. She was an extraordinary and inspirational woman.  I want everyone to hear her story because the tragedy of a young mother dying from breast cancer also has the potential to bring about a seed change in the life of all who knew her and all who hear about her.  

Lou died at 41 from inflammatory breast cancer, a rare form of breast cancer, which was diagnosed shortly after the birth of her son Rupert, who is now 16 months old.


I am feeling increasingly saddened and alarmed at the number of young women who are being diagnosed with cancer. I wish to support women and their families who are navigating this devastating diagnosis and trying to make sense of it.  Although I don’t have all the answers, I think that we need to be proactive and support each other.  We need to find a way to walk this life as a nurturing journey even when this disease is having an impact on our lives. Let us all take inspiration from Lou’s life and let it be a call to action so that we can inspire others throughout our lives and beyond.


Lou’s committal service was a quiet and beautiful family burial in unexpected, gleaming Welsh sunshine. The site and the ceremony were chosen to reflect her respect and love of nature, her grounded spirituality and her deep connection to the land. The words used were developed specifically to blend the beliefs of Lou’s partner, her mother, father and sister.  Traditional and contemporary readings  were chosen and simple ritual was used to provide a beautiful and supportive funeral to meet the wishes of Louise and her family.  The family chose to have the funeral and committal they wanted. They had the committal ceremony first as a private event outside, rather than in a chapel of rest or church.


We often do not think it is possible to have the funeral that suits our wishes. We spend years getting our weddings “right”, for ourselves and our families, but spend little or no time thinking about our funeral.


Lou’s burial ceremony is a reminder to us all that we can have the funeral and burial that we want. We should all feel free and able to tell our loved ones what our spiritual beliefs are and what kind of funeral we want. Knowing our wishes will help them with the grieving process and make life easier for them at a difficult time. Have you told your loved ones what your wishes are?


The love and support for Lou and her family was palpable throughout the committal ceremony.  Lou’s close family were able to affirm, show and tell Lou just how much they loved her at the ceremony and also support each other at her funeral. Through the last few weeks of illness Lou’s mother and father had to nurse their daughter in a way that no parent every imagines they would have to. Their dedication and love for their daughters and each other has been completely inspirational to observe.


Family and friends have rallied around the family to support Lou’s partner and baby providing food and gifts to try and make things easier. Lou had said that she truly felt how much she was loved by the overt displays of love, support and kindness during her illness. How many of us are sure that we are loved and supported? This depth of love and dedication can inspire us all is to remember to affirm, show and tell our family and friends just how much we love them whilst we have the chance.  When was the last time you truly showed love and appreciation for your family members and friends outside times of need?


At the public memorial, the impact that Lou had on the local community and beyond was clear. She was an incredibly talented vocalist, performer, musical director and choir mistress. She was a creative, yet subtle community activist who inspired others to live fully and burst out of their comfort zone through music.  The venue for the memorial, the Small World Theatre, was full of friends, family, choir members, artists and performers, who were all inspired by Lou in life.  Three of her choirs combined to sing amazing and inspirational songs.


Poems were read; a heart opening, honest and beautiful eulogy was given, dedications, silent prayers, and love filled thoughts poured into the space. Then guests were invited to eat, drink and add to the beautiful beach shrine that will adorn her grave.  This Siegfried Sassoon poem was one of the readings and sums up the feeling of the ceremony.


Everyone suddenly burst out singing; And I was filled with such delight As prisoned birds must find in freedom, Winging wildly across the white Orchards and dark-green fields; on--on--and out of sight.

Everyone's voice was suddenly lifted; And beauty came like the setting sun: My heart was shaken with tears; and horror Drifted away ... O, but Everyone Was a bird; and the song was wordless; the singing will never be done.


One of the most generous and beautiful gifts that Lou left as a legacy was her final response to her illness.  Lou had taken a very difficult journey and had gone through so many difficult emotions during her diagnosis and treatment.  However, she stated that she had reached a state of peace during the last few weeks of her illness. She stated that she had reached a “state of love” and acceptance.  Although many will find it difficult to accept the loss of her physical presence in their lives, her expression of peace, love and acceptance will support people to cope with this transition.


It is my hope that Lou’s life journey will inspire more of us to reach a state of peace, love and acceptance in our lives.  It is a challenge to use the tragic and difficult moments of life to take us to that place.  It is a strong and difficult call to action but I feel that Lou brings that gift to our door.  We have a choice whether to open the door and accept the challenge. Are you willing to take up the challenge to find peace?


Lou’s funeral service was the first full funeral that I had ever supported as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor in training. I felt humbled to support this process for Lou and her beloved family. Lou and her family have changed my life.  I cannot be grateful enough for putting their faith and trust in me and the process.


This year, I had already made a commitment to my yes, yes, yes life.  Even with this commitment - I had been procrastinating about getting my programmes out, saying what I do in the world and what is important to me.  I love my family and friends.  I love ritual and ceremony. I love that I can see the balance of light and shadow in others and myself.  I have spiritual and emotional gifts to share which help people navigate the inevitable ups and downs of life.


I hope that Lou’s story will inspire people to live their lives to the full and make preparations for an unknown future. Her story is a reminder to: tell our family and friends how much we love them; sort out and share our spiritual beliefs and wishes with our families; know that it is possible to create ceremonies that meet the needs of all religions, faiths and none; arrange our wills and personal affairs; find peace amongst the ups and downs of life; live our lives fully and expand our comfort zones.


Let us be honest about the grief, pain, joy, relief and full range of emotions that we may feel with the death of a loved one. Let us find ways to open up to a state of peace amongst the pain and sadness. Let us speak out about our hopes, fears and aspirations with those who want to support us.  Let us commit to loving our loved ones, the world and ourselves completely.


Thank you Lou for the gifts that you have given to me and the world.  I wish to share these gifts with others.  I feel that Lou’s story can help and inspire so many people.  Lou’s family asked for donations to Marie Curie instead of flowers.  If you wish to donate to Marie Curie in Lou’s honour please click here. For more information on interfaith ministry and the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation providing support for people of all faiths and none through ceremonies and spiritual counselling click here.  



Can you remember the people who helped you go deeper into yoga?

Finally, I have confirmed the dates for my next Yoga Study and Sadhana Course.  I'm a bit embarrassed because it's taken a while but now I am ready to support some more people towards Yoga Teacher Training. This course will end in time for the next Mandala Yoga Ashram Teacher Training in Sept 2015 and hopefully it will bring more people into this life changing work. 
Can you help? 

I am looking to reach more people who are ready to go beyond the weekly class and go deeper into yoga.


I wish to give them an experience of the gifts that I have received from Mandala Yoga Ashram.


Do you know any people who are ready for this kind of course?

Maybe you'll be the one who is remembered...


Flier YSS 2015

I would love your help to spread the word. 

Pass this on and let me know if you need hard copies for students or friends.


Big love, gratitude and Om,



Planting seed intentions in the darkness of new moon

This week I have been asking myself "Are you ready to welcome something new and beautiful into your life?". I think part of me is ready to go and another part of me is a little reluctant to say yes to the bounty that is on it's way. I am working with this and I am going to be planting seed intentions in the darkness of the new moon tonight and over the next couple of nights...…/191740-new-moon-ritual-planting…. You can join me if you like... I have been working with fellow travellers on my 28 Day Nurturing Journey to do this too... I wonder what will happen this month?



How The Nurturing Journey Helped me Heal My Relationship with My Mother

Thank you to my marvellous mother Jean Douglas for bringing me into the world. Let's celebrate the qualities of the mother that are within us all whether we are a physical mothers to our own children, a heart mother to the children of others or the creative mother to life gifts, projects and creations that we nurture for the good of all. Through our time in the womb we imbibe the elements of our Earth Mother and Divine Mother within us. We carry those imprints from the day we are conceived to the day we leave and it is important that we see those imprints so that we are at choice about how we live. I've just had four weeks in Barbados with my mother, big sister and three nieces. During this time, we have had the opportunity to laugh, cry, dance and heal together. I had a vision of us all dancing to Pharrell's "Happy" and having good solid belly laughs. It's been that and more including yoga on the deck, frolicking in the sea, eating good and naughty food, hosting a deep and joyful Red Tent get together, New Moon Star Gazing on the deck, dancing to Soca and Harry Belafonte having our own little carnival in the living room. So many of our habits, patterns and ways of being were revealed through our mirroring of each other. This reflection has all been possible because of my commitment to The Nurturing Journey process and particularly the element of water. How can you use the nurturing journey to clear, heal or enhance your relationship with your mother earthly and divine? Bathing in the spring - clearing away the past from our mother line…



How the Nurturing Journey can Help You to Overcome Perfectionism

I ♥ Mudra and dislike the ridiculousness of perfectionism - Last week I had a fabulous spontaneous test photography session with the wonderful John Stokes. ( We took pictures of some mudras to support some aspects of my new Nurturing Yoga Courses. We were playing with light and form. I was just choosing mudras as I felt drawn to. It was really interesting to note my reactions to the photos. Although technically beautiful as photographs I immediately started to look for the imperfections in the mudras themselves - that they weren't symmetrical or perfect. I wasn't wearing makeup - you see. I didn't have anyone to reflect the alignment back to me - you see. I was enjoying myself so much in the practice that I couldn't possibly use them - you see. B*llocks to it! They are here. They are beautiful and they do the job of showing the energy and vibrancy that exists when you practice the art of mudra. Here they are. Let me know what you think…



The joy in a month of gratitude…

I started this blog a month ago and have hardly put anything on it.  Why?  Because I haven't felt like it. I have been focussing on living life and expressing gratitude for all I have.  It's been wonderful.  I have spent less time on the computer than I have for ages.  I have been using my natural rhythm and cycle for doing and not doing things.  Allowing myself to be.  I really am fortunate to recognise that I am able to do this work in this way. Living in alignment.  Living my yes, yes, yes life of inspired action through body, heart mind.  In this way my Spirit is free to flow through.  xxx




One Spirit Seminary Weekend

I have arrived back in the UK. All is well but I am feeling knackered from the flight.  Straight back into London.  Remind me not to do this full on emersion so quickly next time, it  is all too much.  This month's seminary topic is Christianity. It reminds me of the picture that was in our living room throughout my childhood.  A picture of beautiful red roses and Jesus's words "My Peace i give unto you" from the book of John.  That is my spiritual practice for the month to cultivate peace and share that with others.  i will see how that works and let you know. :)



Gratitude in Grenada My goodness I am so excited and happy. This first week has been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It it has all been about gratitude for all that has brought me to this moment into this year. So the ground work is laid. Look at how happy and cocoa drunk I am in this video. I know what I need to do... follow through...Take time to nurture myself and feel the gratitude of being able to spend a week in Grenada for the start of my new year...



A helping hand - Cou de Mere

Today we explored Grenada. We had a practical experience of what it means to give a helping hand.  Firstly, Kenrick Riffin showed us the way to a lovely natural waterfall.  We had a fabulous time and would have completely missed it if it was not for him.  He is actively working to encourage the next generation to come back to agriculture, herbalism and natural living.  So inspiring. So we went to lunch together. We were eating in a restaurant and Kenrick recognised his school teacher of over 45 years ago.  It was a lovely reunion. Kenrick's ex-teacher lives in New York now but was in Grenada to building a tennis court to support the development of young talent in the country - a helping hand.  We also talked about the old tradition to work together to dig each others fields so that more work could be done that way. Then Simon and I got lost in the bush and spent hours trying to get back on track.  It wasn't until we met Frankie that we got back on track.  He helped us by showing us the right road and we helped him by giving him a lift to where he was going.  I am adding this to my list for this year... How do I actively give a helping hand at least once a day in daily  life. Imagelife...