Where did this layer of extra pounds come from? – Over the last few days I've been extremely aware of the extra weight that I've been carrying around and have finally gained the courage to say "That's enough, it's time for change". 

I've just read an article from the inspirational coach Lisa Nichols and it has been the final piece of a major butt kick for me. I've been working intensively with creating Nurture Plans for the body, heart, mind and soul over the last 6 months for my clients and have seen some real improvements in people's lives. This weekend,  after some candid discussions with Mr DC about our love handles, I decided to revise my own Nurture Plan and created Mr DC's with him last night.

On review of my Nurture Plan it's clear that my intention had been to nurture and fall in love with my body, heart, mind and soul over these last few years. My self love and self esteem has definitely increased during this time.  However, looking back over the last year, I realise that I haven't really been giving the body the food and physical movement it deserves. As a result, I have felt a duvet* of extra pounds building steadily over my body. It's all because, like Lisa, I'd been silently condoning the dangerous idea of “carrying your weight well”. (* comforter type bedlinen for my US friends)

After reading Lisa's article, it's clear that it's time for me to get back to nurturing my body in a very active way.  I am being called to use all that I know as a Wellness Coach and long established Yoga Practitioner and Teacher Trainer to re-energize my body and release these extra layers. In essence, I am ready to be fully embodied.  I am ready for my body, heart, mind to consistently be a reflection of my soul's longing.

This was the bit in Lisa's story that got me. P.s If you're triggered by the word God use whatever word or concept that works for you so that you still get the message.

She says "I started praying for guidance. I said, "God, how can I be more responsible and lead in a better way?” I felt the spirit whisper to me, “Design your body so it lives out your life’s purpose.” It was clear I had to drop the pounds so my body could be the tool to live out my purpose. I had never connected them that closely.

The second question I asked was, “God, what would prevent me?” I’m hard headed, so I need to know how I might get in my own way. The response I heard was, “Your life won’t be long enough because you didn’t take care of your health.” I was riveted.

Once you have an awakening, you can’t un-know what is revealed. I realized I was in a position to lead others but had been silently condoning a dangerous idea of “carrying your weight well.” In December I knew it was time for a change. I didn’t want to disappoint God." To read Lisa's article in Essence click HERE 

Thank you Lisa for your inspiration. I'm ready to lovingly release this duvet of excess fat and girth.  I don't need it's protection anymore.  I don't need to be slowed down anymore.  

I am ready to be fully embodied.  I am ready to be fully alive, fresh, fit and foxy.  I am going to be using what I know and sharing the journey with those who wish to join me for a cleansing kick-start. I'm committed to nurturing my body with lush nutrition, sensual movement and plenty of water over the next 6 months and beyond. 


Rebel Rev. Monica Douglas-Clark is a Ordained Interfaith Minister, Transformational Wellness Coach and Trainer of Nurturing Yoga Teachers and Practitioners.   She is passionate about supporting rebellious souls to break free of the chains that bind through Transformational Guidance and Training, Spiritual Counselling and Bespoke Ceremony.  She is looking for fellow travellers and accountability partners who want to join her over the next 6 months on a Nurturing Journey for Nurturing You.   CLICK HERE if you're ready to find a way to move and nourish your body and live out your life's purpose.