I have had a boiling rage wanting to express itself through me over the last two weeks. It’s been so unlike my general disposition of lightness and joy that I have been bowled over by its ferocity. The rage has been raw, hot and powerful. It touches into a deep universal pain and my body has felt the surges of energy from it.

It’s been more rage than I have ever felt before. My jaw has been locked and I have needed to consciously release it each day. I have expressed the rage by speaking my truth in my journal, working with the inner tools that I have been given and by seeking support from my mentors, guides and guardians. I have had to run, move, breath, cry and bellow to pass it through and out of my system. The act of allowing myself to feel it and express it has been a cleansing process for my body, heart, mind and soul.

There are no specific fingers to point, no particular actions in my individual life that have prompted this release. It feels like I am processing for my ancestors, for the past, for the unspoken words, for the unnamed pain in the world. I welcome this rage. I embrace its dark power. I want it to be seen and acknowledged without allowing it burn or damage anyone else. I offer it into the purifying fire of transformation. I vow to harness its energy for action, for growth and expansion. I have discovered another layer of expansive possibility by allowing it to be, by allowing it to express itself honestly and openly within the boundaries of safe, loving and compassionate hands.

Whilst this has been happening life, as normal, has been carrying on. The difference is that my actions in daily life have been fuelled by this newly released energy and the resulting realignment of my intention. I have used its energy to re-assess my presence in the world. I have sat in its power to bring me fully into the now and renew my vow to live my truth and shine my light. I am grateful that it has propelled me to conceive of a deeper, fuller, more authentic way of being.

Yesterday, it gave me the energy to hold the “Planting Seeds for Abundance” Ceremony that I led online in the darkness of new moon. It was wonderful to see that something so beautiful and in flow could come out of feelings so strong, fierce, deep and at first glance ugly.

Out of the rage, I acknowledge the unheard pain. 
Out of the pain, I experience release. 
Out of the release, I reclaim my energy. 
Out of the energy, I express my truth. 
In my truth, I reconnect to my purpose and shine my light.

And so it is.