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A home sanctuary for ceremony - it's some kind of wonderful


A home sanctuary for ceremony - it's some kind of wonderful

Last week was a "some kind of wonderful" week.

It was filled with transformational guidance, spiritual counselling, worldwide womb blessing ceremonies, full moon gatherings, visiting yoga teacher friends and was topped off with a radio interview about my work as Rebel Rev Monica.

It was particularly wonderful because I used our home sanctuary for a beautiful bespoke one-to-one Ceremony marking the end of an era and a new beginning for delightful client.

It felt perfect.

I had been reluctant to use my new home sanctuary for fear of it not being ready or good enough yet. I generally work online, in the client's space or outside venues.

I'd had a judgement and a fear that our house was 'not quite good enough' as it is in process. The sanctuary space is lovely but the rest of it needs work. The hard stuff - damp, foundation work and building blocks are complete but it's without the final decoration. The garden is beautiful but a little unkempt. Isn't it funny how surroundings mirror life? Are we ever not in process?

Somewhere inside I knew that I needed to trust that what I had to offer in our home was more than enough and invite in the right client.

Guess what? She arrived and I invited her in with an open heart.

I created a labyrinth in the garden and a ceremonial space inside full of flowers, freedom and joy.

Guess what?

The ceremony and the process was more beautiful and transformative than I could have imagined.

I thank my client for trusting me to create a safe and loving space in my home sanctuary in Burton.  I also thank her for her openness and creativity when writing and preparing her bespoke ceremony.

I thank Reverend Laurie Sue for inspiring me to use my home sanctuary through example by using her home for our wedding ceremony 12 and a half years ago.

I thank One Spirit Interfaith Foundation for the tools in creating ceremony for people of all faiths or none that I received in my training as an ordained interfaith minister.

I thank my beloved husband for supporting me to share our home with beautiful people who are ready to meaningfully complete one stage of their life in order to freely and joyfully begin another.

The whole process confirmed to me that the work that I do as Rebel Rev Monica is exactly the work that I'm meant to be doing right now.

I am relaxed and confident in my ability to work with the gifts I have and the needs of my clients to create life changing ceremonies in my own home, online and in venues all over the world.

I am ready to welcome more rebellious souls who need my services to take The Nurturing Journey. Our home sanctuary is open for ceremony. The time is right, it definitely feels good and I'm grateful for my  'some kind of wonderful' week for confirming that to me.  

I'm looking forward to holding more ceremonies at home. Bring it on!

What one thing could you do to create your "some kind of wonderful' week?  

Comment and share below.


Rebel Rev Monica Douglas-Clark helps people during times of uncertainty, growth or transition to feel more peace, love, joy and abundance.  She provides support to clients through Transformational Guidance, Spiritual Counselling, Training and Bespoke Ceremony.

Known as a Rebel Reverend and Revolutionary Business Leader, Monica is a qualified and ordained Interfaith Minister, Nurturing Yoga Teacher Trainer and Transformational guide who delivers training courses (online and in person), 1:1 guidance, events and retreats globally.  She is also committed to living her life as a Nurturing Journey in the business she runs with her husband and at home with her family.

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Listen to  Monica speak about her work on BBC Radio here:  interview starts at 11 minutes into the recording.