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Why David Bowie and Iman inspired me to be an Interfaith Minister?

An open love poem of condolence to Iman and David for an inspirational love at a time of loss

I cannot know how great your love or your loss

It wasn't just your music or your collective talents

Or infinite breathless beauty that shone for me but

The Stella quality of your Union In a world where so called mixed marriage Is still taboo

The two of you Created a model for forbidden love

That had never been seen so publicly or successfully demonstrated before

A divine Union of equals In a world that assumes inequality or imbalance

You embody the yin yang Taijitu

The divine masculine and feminine

And now the paradox of life and death In eternal oneness

May the pain of your separation be eased by knowing you created perfection

Thank you

May all love surround you and your family now and forever

This poem was inspired by a deep love that arose with the death of David Bowie.  Iman and David were one of the inspirations for me in becoming an Interfaith Minister - to provide ceremonies and spiritual guidance for rebellious souls who shine fully like this beautiful couple.   Please like and share if this touches you too. Maybe, just maybe, we can weave a net of love to soothe the grief of all those who mourn the loss of this great rebellious soul.

Rebel Rev. Monica x ‪#‎RebelRebel‬ @TheNJourney


Rebel Rev. Monica Douglas-Clark is a Transformational Guide, Nurturing Yoga Teacher Trainer and Sacred Business Rebel.  She works Online and In-person with individuals, couples and groups. She loves inspiring rebellious souls around the world to live life more fully, creatively and joyfully through the revolutionary businesses that she runs.  She's on a mission to support at least a million rebellious souls to love life in all it's seasons, cycles and appearances before she dies.  There is nothing she likes more than snuggling up with Mr DC, their cat Laskshmi and the dog Anubis that's on it's way.

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Rebel Rev. Monica Douglas-Clark

Transformational Guide, Nurturing Yoga Teacher Trainer and Sacred Business Rebel