Are you starting to think that maybe there might be something to all of this talk about the affect of the moon on human behaviour?

Yesterday, I stayed up to observe the supermoon 'blood moon' and total eclipse along with hundreds of thousands of other people around the world. I am still struggling to put into words how I feel about it all.

Over the last few years, I've been observing whether my energy levels are affected by what is happening with the moon and the seasons. It's been fascinating for me to see how the moon affects my moods, my energy and my menstrual cycle.  Its been fascinating to work with others too and see how it affects their behaviour differently or in similar ways.

I'm more interested in felt experience than the cognitive process and scholarly articles. I'm no astrologer, astonomer or scientist but I am a keen observer of behaviour and a long time energy worker.

I know in my bones that we are part of the cycles of nature including the rhythms of the moon.  I have seen how tracking energy cycles and circadian rhythms can be insightful and useful for women with or without a menstrual cycle and also men who notice large fluctuations in their energy levels.  My own experience with this work has taken me from erratic energy, pain, disease and disconnection to balanced cyclical energy, healing and deep connection (that story is for another blog).

For me personally,  this supermoon marks the beginning of a new phase. I feel energised and renewed. It marks the start of me talking to people about my experience of working deeply with ceremony and rituals around the phases of the moon and making myself more available as a Transformational Guide for people in midst of transition, transformation and growth.

What about you? Did you stay up to watch the eclipse?  How are you feeling today? What are your thoughts and experiences of energy fluctuations and the moon?  Would love you to comment below... Or send me a personal email and I'll get back to you...