Why had I never considered a spiritual approach to weight loss before? 

I have received so much support since announcing to the world my intention to let go of these protective layers of fat I have accumulated. I've been enthused and inspired  by various friends to carry out a truly holistic approach to letting go and embracing a new way of being.  

I've been offered accountability and support for the body with food systems and exercise goals. Friends are walking alongside me with self love and nourishment for the heart.  I have  received support with clarity, affirmations, self talk and concentration techniques for my mind. 

However, it's the friend that inspired me to have the courage of an explicitly spiritual approach to weight loss that really grabbed my attention this week.  I received a beautiful personal message signposting me to A Course in Weight Loss - 21 Spiritual Lessons For Surrendering Your Weight Forever by Marianne Williamson. Based on A Course in Miracles, this book gives a radical departure from the standard diets, exercise and behaviour focussed approach to optimum weight and health.  I have listened to the whole of the audiobook and have completed the first few lessons.  I will definitely not be an approach for everyone but I'm loving the fact that it's enthused with ritual, prayer and action. I've never taken this approach before and I'm going to give this soul work a good go - alongside the actions for the mind, heart and body.

I'm not sure if I have lost any weight yet (I've not weighed myself) but I'm feeling lighter and freer in my soul, mind, heart and body.   I'm happy in my lifestyle choices and am enjoying the changes that I am implementing. I went to Mandala Yoga Ashram this weekend and I've recommitted to shining my light fully and authentically in the world. I've been eating well, exercising, letting go and letting the God of my understanding support me in this challenge.

I'm really looking forward to summarising my progress here over the coming weeks. Its exciting to explore the theme of returning to my essential nature and allowing my soul to reflect joyfully through my body as an instrument of Spirit.  I'm looking forward to sharing progress with the friends who are walking or running alongside me in this adventure.  I will be contacting all who have messaged me to join a private group where we can explore the issues arising in much more depth than I can here. If you are interested in joining the group send me a message.  Big love M x

Here is my first reflection on lesson 1