Thank you to my marvellous mother Jean Douglas for bringing me into the world. Let's celebrate the qualities of the mother that are within us all whether we are a physical mothers to our own children, a heart mother to the children of others or the creative mother to life gifts, projects and creations that we nurture for the good of all. Through our time in the womb we imbibe the elements of our Earth Mother and Divine Mother within us. We carry those imprints from the day we are conceived to the day we leave and it is important that we see those imprints so that we are at choice about how we live. I've just had four weeks in Barbados with my mother, big sister and three nieces. During this time, we have had the opportunity to laugh, cry, dance and heal together. I had a vision of us all dancing to Pharrell's "Happy" and having good solid belly laughs. It's been that and more including yoga on the deck, frolicking in the sea, eating good and naughty food, hosting a deep and joyful Red Tent get together, New Moon Star Gazing on the deck, dancing to Soca and Harry Belafonte having our own little carnival in the living room. So many of our habits, patterns and ways of being were revealed through our mirroring of each other. This reflection has all been possible because of my commitment to The Nurturing Journey process and particularly the element of water. How can you use the nurturing journey to clear, heal or enhance your relationship with your mother earthly and divine? Bathing in the spring - clearing away the past from our mother lineā€¦