I bought a pot of delicious bio dynamically produced honey, while away on the Peace camp in The West Bank.  I'm a novice, but my understanding is that this honey is produced in sync with the moon cycles, weather patterns, and the seasons of the land, in a way that minimises disruption of the bees’ natural ways of living. I was particularly interested to learn that they also refrain from the traditional practice of clipping the wings of the queen and artificially inseminating her to breed queens on demand.

This pot of honey got me thinking. Wouldn't it be good for us to be working with the cycles of nature, the land and the moon.  Would we thrive if we minimised disruption to our natural ways of living? Would that make the fruits of our labour more delicious, and less harmful to ourselves and the environment around us? How about if we allowed ourselves to be fully expressed whatever our gender?

I really love working with the energies of the moon and land, and uniting the polarities of the sacred feminine and masculine.   During the timeliness of being in the West Bank, I felt this very strongly.  We arrived into the desert in the energy of the full moon, and progressed through our journey of facing death, loss, anger, and living together, from this place of night illumination.  We continued our heroes journey, through being in Jerusalem and leaving to return home, going into the darkness of the new moon reflections.  Now as we digest all that we have learned, we begin to move towards the light of the full moon again. Another cycle of learning and illumination.

I feel a deep affinity with the lands called The West Bank, Palestine and Israel. For me, when we work with the land, the cycles of the moon, and have an awareness of the relationships and world around us, we have an opportunity to gain insight into our inner relationship with our body, heart, mind, and soul.  We also have an opportunity to reconnect to spirit in a way that is very natural and intuitive.  For me, this brings an inner sense of peace and trust.  I must remember this as I slowly integrate back into the busyness of town life after being in the desert. I take my cues from the natural world around me.

This is one of the reasons why I am involved in the Worldwide Womb Blessing Movement as a Moon Mother.  In this role, I remind myself to work with nature, the season and cycles.  I have to do this myself so that I can support others to rebalance and unite the polarities of the divine feminine and masculine, to work more with the cycles and seasons of the natural world to promote healing and wholeness.  

I am grateful for this honey. I am grateful for the land and the bees that it comes from.  I will take a taste of it's sweetness as a daily reminder to be in sync and to be mindful not to clip the wings of any queen bee including the one that resides within me. I vow to work as part of this hive of humans to play my part in enabling us to be more authentic, free and at peace.    



Monica Douglas-Clark is a Rebel Reverend and Revolutionary Business Leader. She is an ordained Interfaith Minister - with the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation - trained to hold ceremonies and spiritual counselling for people of any faith or none.  She works particularly well with those who fall between the gaps of established faith, who are open to uncertainty or who do not have a defined faith tradition.  

Monica is also an Advanced Moon Mother and England representative for the World Wide Womb Blessing, a movement of awakening and rebalancing the energy of masculine and feminine.  She holds gatherings on the five worldwide womb blessings a year that include free meditations and distance energy awakening transmissions (similar to reiki) from Miranda Gray and other Moon Mothers, like Monica, who have been trained by her.  Monica also provides blessings, healings, and mentoring outside of the time of the global meditations. There are specific meditations for women and men. Monica is actively searching for ways for this work to be more inclusive to all genders, so please contact her if you would like to support this work.

There are two World Wide Womb Blessing events coming up on the Full Moon of 21 May to support people to reconnect with the cycles of nature, the earth and the moon to rebalance the masculine and feminine energy within them.   

Click HERE to find out more www.rebelrev.net/feel-events