I have had the word 'scarcity' running through my head all weekend, since the events in Paris. For me, the events are not just about Paris. They are a stark and scary reminder about our whole world and the destruction, fear, and terror that is being inflicted all over our planet, under our noses, and on our watch.

I feel that a mindset of scarcity is at the centre of the tragedy that we are living in. If we have the courage to change our mindset, we can create a more abundant view of the world.

Scarcity is defined firstly as an 'inadequate supply; dearth; paucity of something'. In the gym, at the shops, walking along the street, and in other places that I have been this weekend, I have heard various conversations that focussed on scarcity and lack.

I have heard conversations about there being inadequate supply of security, protection, government action against terrorists, money, land, food, and infrastructure. I have heard people say "there is nothing we can do".

The recurring message that I have been hearing is that we are powerless. There is not enough 'x', you are not enough 'x', and I am not enough 'x' to resolve this problem.

I know for myself that whenever I get into this mindset of scarcity and lack, I paralyse myself from acting to move towards a resolution. I have seen how this operates in my family, with my friends, my teachers, my business, and in institutions that I support and am a part of.

A scarcity mindset restricts the flow of love that wants to pour from my heart and mind.

So, I choose to believe in abundance. A state where there is more than enough love, land, food, money, infrastructure, compassion, and care to change our world for the better.

Just to be clear, I am not talking about the wasteful overconsumption and hoarding that is being peddled as abundance. I am talking about a recognition that amongst all living creatures on this planet, there is more than enough for us all.

Providing that is, that we choose to protect life, our environment, and communities from destruction, and exploitation, and we choose to live in harmony and cooperation with each other.

When we cultivate a mindset of abundance, we recognise that we have more than enough people on this planet who are committed to action and changes in our individual behaviour and consciousness, to bring a counter balance to the fear and terror.

We are powerful beyond measure in our bodies, hearts, and minds.

I have been heartened by the people who are praying, sending love, supporting one another, and saying "What can I do to change this?".

What can we do?

We can step out of the media indoctrinated responses. We can choose to remind ourselves of the abundance that we have all around us and share it with others. We can make the effort to live in a way that has integrity. If we choose to do this, we will start to believe in the power of small changes and individual action to influence the wider world.

Scarcity is also secondly defined as a 'rarity or infrequent occurrence'. Our media want to keep us in a state of fear, so they have us believe that nothing good ever happens in the world.

Think of the ratio of doom and gloom in the news, to the one 'and finally' bit of light at the end of the broadcast. Let us also remember that although tragic and devastating, bombings such as those in Paris this weekend are thankfully an infrequent occurrence.

There are wars all over the world, yet the majority of people do live in relative peace.

The majority of people live in harmony with their neighbours, and some even act as genuine caretakers for the land, animals, and people that they live with.

Let us remember to tell those stories too.

Let us remember that we have a choice whether to be paralysed by scarcity, or act towards bringing an abundance of love back into the world.

I am going to invite us to share stories of abundance to bring some balance into the messages of scarcity we are seeing and hearing on social media. I have decided that over the next 10 days, I am going to share personal stories of when I personally have experienced an abundance of love, and I challenge you to do the same?

Share your story with the hashtag #abundanceoflove and tag @thenjourney so that we can share your stories to bring some balance into the world.

If nothing else, it will help us to feel less sad... as though we can bring a little light back into the world.