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Anyone else wondering - How did we get to February so quickly?

So, I’ve had the most inspiring, challenging and heart expanding beginning of the year. I had big plans for January 2015. I had written them down in my Shining Year 2015 workbook and everything! Did any of it happen? Well... What I’d planned to do was to ace my Interfaith Ministry ceremonies and assignments; build amazing, relationships with my husband and family; run an excellent and transformative retreat at my retreat space Zion House; set up for the global launch of The Nurturing Journey, recruit to my six month Study and Sadhana Course, prepare for the moon wisdom ceremonies and support my Assistant and Apprentice Jordan to step fully into her role. I’d planned to do this all while remaining serene, calm and contented, of course! Ha ha!

What I experienced was a full on mix of the known and unexpected, which stretched me physically, mentally and emotionally and made me chuck many of my control freak plans out of the window. I pulled the card Surrender from my soul journey pack and that’s just what I had to do. It started with shock and grief and a deep need to support my darling husband with the unexpected death of his father including repatriation from Europe, family reunions and funeral; The delivery of an awe-inspiring 10 day retreat for world-changing women in Barbados then dealing with the aftermath of the burglary of my home on my return to the UK.


The ceremonies and assignments for my Interfaith Ministry have not been the ones on the syllabus but I have been doing the work. Actually, I have been living the work. I spontaneously created a baby blessing but not a usual one. Inspired by my own experience and the experience of friends of mine a blessing ceremony was created for those soul babies who only come into our lives briefly and whose lives we experience fleetingly through the experiences of fertility treatment, miscarriage, abortion, or still birth. And then, I was asked to plan the funeral, prepare and deliver the eulogy for my father-in-law. It’s been an honour, blessing and privilege to be called to do this work and it’s all been a bit much really.


Well yes, the retreat was awesome and so was the feedback. I thank the women involved for their wholehearted acceptance and embracing of The Nurturing Journey process and their trust in me to hold a safe space for their transformation. I was completely blown away by the experience and the radiance of the women at the end of the retreat.


My husband and our family have been truly amazing. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such love and support. The funeral also brought our family closer. The Douglas side of the family all turned up to support the Clarks in their time of grief and the Clarks were inspiring in their growth and use of the funeral to heal old wounds and reconnect. We are definitely the Douglas-Clarks - two families now one.


On the work front, we have had to relax our pace on plans for The Nurturing Journey and Jones and Clark. I thought I would be supporting my apprentice, Jordan. Turns out she was ready to step up and support me! What a star! I am in awe of her ability learn, her growth and developing maturity. I am truly grateful for all that she has done this month to support me personally and professionally. Something tells me she’ll be soon ready to shine very brightly in the world. I am honoured to have her on my team.


February has started well. Today, I had a wonderful core group for the Nurturing Yoga Study and Sadhana Course Introductory day. I have attracted people who are committed to developing a personal practice, integrating yoga into their daily life, sharing what they know with others and perhaps even becoming yoga teachers. It feels relaxed, inspiring and right. I feel that we will have a excellent group of students when the course starts on 1 March 2015.


I have to admit I haven’t managed to be consistently serene, calm and contented. I think that would be too much to ask. I have managed to maintain a sense of being “alright” amongst the exhilaration, tears, the fears and overwhelm. I’ve been taking my “Impatiens” flower remedy, thanks to Deborah Lovell, but I have also been eating quite a lot of cake! Hmmmm.


Let’s see what the rest of February brings and who else is called to step up on The Nurturing Journey. I’m determined to stay in a place of gratitude and to have the courage to let the universe do it’s best with me. I’m letting the full moon shine a light on it all this Tuesday. It all begins with the  FREE worldwide womb blessing on 3 February 2014.  There is still time to register.

Let me know how your January has been.  I'd love some more company on this unpredictable path. Bring it on…




Can you remember the people who helped you go deeper into yoga?

Finally, I have confirmed the dates for my next Yoga Study and Sadhana Course.  I'm a bit embarrassed because it's taken a while but now I am ready to support some more people towards Yoga Teacher Training. This course will end in time for the next Mandala Yoga Ashram Teacher Training in Sept 2015 and hopefully it will bring more people into this life changing work. 
Can you help? 

I am looking to reach more people who are ready to go beyond the weekly class and go deeper into yoga.


I wish to give them an experience of the gifts that I have received from Mandala Yoga Ashram.


Do you know any people who are ready for this kind of course?

Maybe you'll be the one who is remembered...


Flier YSS 2015

I would love your help to spread the word. 

Pass this on and let me know if you need hard copies for students or friends.


Big love, gratitude and Om,