New Moon, New Beginnings - Is it time for a new start? If your energy feels a bit stagnant and in need of a reboot or refresh, I want to encourage you to use the new moon energy to make a new start today. It's simple, it's easy, and you don't even have to go anywhere. You just need to take a little time for you. I would like to recommend that you join me in this New Moon, New Beginnings Ceremony.

What can this New Moon, New Beginnings ceremony give you?

When you make time for this ceremony, you let go of that which needs to be released. You express deep appreciation for all in the past that enables you to be who you are in this moment.  You meditate softly to allow your intuition to give you one seed word to focus on for your next step. You then lie down in deep relaxation to plant and nurture your seed word within your body, heart, mind and soul. Sounds yummy, doesn't it?

I recommend this because I do it

I made time to do my New Moon, New Beginnings Ceremony this morning before holding space for others at a gathering today.  I was thinking that I wanted to let go of some old habits and create space for new behaviours so I decided to go back to my own tools, get clear and raise my vibration.  I created the New Moon, New Beginnings three part ceremony of ritual, meditation and relaxation for The Nurturing Journey in January 2016.  I cannot express how powerful it has been for me and many others who have taken this journey. 

Your seed word

At the end of the ceremony, you will have received or chosen your seed word.  Your seed word gives you focus and enables bring yourself into alignment with the qualities that you want in your life. My seed word for this month is Spaciousness.  At this moment, after completing the ceremony, I am aware that the full potential for spaciousness is within me. I feel spacious. I know what I need to do and who I need to be to allow the seed of spaciousness to grow within me.

What do you want your seed word to be this month?

If you are ready to let go and begin again check out the link to the ceremony HERE