I'm feeling tired today after all of the activity for #IWD2017 and #Embrace the movie BUT I received an email that has made it all worthwhile.

Email from Ruby, age 15, sent 30 mins after watching Embrace.
Subject: I have embraced and I would like to help others to do it as well

My name is Ruby and I am a normal 15-year old that lives a normal life. I attended the embrace film with my mum and was (for the first time in my life) speechless. All my thoughts about school and what happened today seemed so insignificant. The film was so inspirational and I think the message it gives is truly beautiful. I am a proud female and I love my body even though many told me not to. I really want to help others to discover and appreciate their true beauty too. I think it is so important to tell young women this because so many don't believe it. I want my children to love themselves, no matter how they look and I want children to enjoy being a child, playing outside not worrying about their appearance. I would love to help as this subject is so close to my heart.

Thank you very much,

Ruby x


AND when I asked if I could share it, she said.

"Of course, I'm desperate to get the word around to people so I don't mind at all. I have planned to get together a group of my closest friends to watch embrace when it comes out on DVD to get them involved too."

#beyouandtakeaction It takes courage and energy to enable things to change. #speakyourtruth #standupforlove You never know what difference it might make to someone. Whether you are a talker, an armchair activist or a front-liner please continue to play your part. We are all needed and never let anyone judge where your love and action is coming from. We need you.

Share Ruby's story if you wish. That's another way to make a difference.