They say 91% of women hate their body

Isn't it time that we do something about that statistic for ourselves, our elders and the next generation of women?

Wouldn't it be wonderful for all women to embrace the natural beauty and the gifts of the body?

I knew I had to be part of the movement for change when I saw the trailer.  

We are holding an "On Demand viewing of the global film sensation called "Embrace" in Derby on 8 March 2017.  Here is the trailer.  

Here is the link to the trailer and to book your ticket.



We've managed to reserve the screening but we need your help to make it happen!  We only need 65 tickets to be bought to enable us to have the screening in Derby 21 have been reserved we need 44 more to confirm the screening. 

It'll be a powerful and enjoyable way to celebrate International Women's Day. I'm trying to encourage as many of my friends to share this video and come to watch the movie with their friends, daughters, sisters, mothers and aunties.   

Here is the link to the trailer

Please feel free to share to support the movement with the following hashtag.


Will you?

Look forward to seeing you there.

Book your ticket here:

P.s Why not make a night of it. Bring your mother, sisters, daughters, aunties and friends.