Holy Crap - creating space for Energy, Health & Abundance

One of my mentors says that the secret to good health is the removal of waste. I know this to be true from my own experience. When I feel ill, I generally feel stagnant, heavy, low energy and usually have sluggishness in my digestive system, maybe some kind of acidic stomach or mucous filled, horrible, snotty congestion. When I'm feeling healthy I'm energised, I go to the bathroom regularly, my skin is clear, I'm vibrant and everything is functioning well. Is that true for you too?

My reflections leading to this post being called 'holy crap' are to signify my reverence for the waste signals that tell us that space needs to be created, something is out of balance or needs to be released. Over the last 15 years, I have felt and seen how different cleansing practices have enabled myself and other travellers to release waste and free up space for health and abundance to arise. I use these practices in Day Retreats in the UK, as part of The Nurturing Journey Retreats in Barbados and also with 1:1 Clients.

It doesn't always have to be unpalatable forms of waste and excess either. Sometimes we need to cut back and cleanse after what can be seen as a period of positive growth.

I've learnt this really recently through my work in the greenhouse at my new home. Mr DC and I were just happy for things to grow, sprout and become unwieldy in the garden. It wasn't until my father visited that we realised that some pruning was in order. We had allowed things to grow out of control. The courgettes were overcrowding the chillies. The tomatoes were so overgrown that the nutrition wasn't going to the fruit and the runner beans were sprinting for space. We'd allowed things to overgrow. Energy was being wasted on actions that were not productive and some parts of the greenhouse were receiving more nourishment and nutrition than others. This wasted energy meant that we were going to receive less produce and abundance as a result.

The idea of "holy crap" came to me like a revelation today, when someone asked me about the strangest place that I practice or go into meditation. I was thinking about the question and what came up for me was "in the toilet". It may seem an irreverent idea to practice meditation on the toilet but I find it invaluable. It's regular, its practical, it's grounded and makes meditation part of daily reality. I also get an indicator of my overall health by focussing on what is happening or not happening and how it effects my body, heart, mind and soul. Most people have experienced the malaise, worry and anxiety associated with constipation. True? Or maybe your sign is the miserableness of nasal congestion, snot and sinusitis? I hope that everyone has, at least once, received the presence, peace and clarity felt after a good "shit"(technical term). Am I right?

Isn't the body great? The process of releasing “that which is no longer necessary” is magical. When you make the choice to be engaged in the process of clearing and creating space it’s powerful. So is the idea of giving thanks for the gift that the body has given us through processing all that is coming to it. Without judgement it processes the really nutritious wonderful stuff AND the rubbish, the low-grade food or drink that we may have put into my body. It always does it's best.

When we feel grateful for the body's capacity to release waste and work to enable that process to flow more freely we turn cleansing and crapping into a sacred process. I may be in danger of taking the metaphor too far but I'm going with it. Crap is holy. Waste is the secret to good health and abundance. When we create space and give thanks for what has been, release that which is no longer necessary and open up to flow we can have more abundance. This is why I like to teach people the cleansing practices that I use for the body, heart, mind and soul. I call the process Creating Space for Abundance. This can be abundance in whatever area - health, energy, wealth, relationship, work etc.

I send boundless blessings in honour of your holy crap.

Get in touch HERE if you'd like to explore the topic of your own 'holy crap' how to release it to create space for energy, health and abundance. I love these practices and rituals from yoga, wellness coaching, NLP and spiritual counselling. I know that they can help you to create space in your body, heart, mind and soul. 

Our next Creating Space for Abundance Cleansing Day is on Friday 2 September 2016. If you are one of the first 2 to book before 7 August as a result of reading this blog you'll get a special Creating Space gift as a special bonus to help you with the process – Just contact me and quote “Holy Crap”.