Today, I have been sitting with the difficult dilemma of caring for others in this modern world.  I’m sitting with the co-existence of opposites – pain and pleasure, peace and war, action and inaction. At some level, I know that this may all be an illusion but, right now, it feels very real.

I know that I am blessed and fortunate for the privileges that I have and the fact that I have the time to consider these issues and write this post.  I’m feeling grateful for the life I live and the business people that I am currently working with to release their inner rebel, open up to creativity, soul connection and abundance. The reason I work with these, ‘business rebels’ as I call them, is because I know that we care, can often deplete ourselves to exhaustion and that we have more choice and freedom to use the abundance that we receive to create a lasting legacy in the world.

At the same time, I am also feeling deep heart and soul pain while thinking of the suffering being experienced by many people in the world such as those families and children being bombed in Syria.  When I think of this I can often fall into feeling that my work in this privileged world isn’t the priority.  My new friend, Jan Rosa who is deeply involved in providing support to refugees and families from and in Syria, challenged me yesterday to look at what I could do to help this situation.  She challenged me to view images of the situation in Syria and a fundraising page to provide medical supplies for doctors working under the constant bombing in Aleppo. At first I was reluctant to visit the page. At first I was defensive saying, that I am doing all that I can do.  Then I asked myself, is that true? Am I really doing all I can do?

That’s when I decided to go back to my meditation practice, rituals and ceremony to help me to really see what my role in this is.  I also held a group ritual last night to open up the collective body, heart, mind and soul to plant a seed for awareness and change.

As I write this post, I also overhear a radio programme that says that the war in Syria may have produced the most civilian casualties since the second world war. How can this be happening? (It is unusual for me to hear the radio news but the radio is on because I have a wonderful joiner working in my house). It is not lost on me that I’m having my house fixed while others are having theirs destroyed.

Now I know I have to look at the Facebook page of @DoctorShajulIslam and his request for support with medical supplies on an Amazon wishlist  I have to look at the website to provide funds for Medical Aid Syria  I cry because these brave professionals are asking for basic supplies at a time that there has been so much attention on buying mostly unnecessary electronic goods over the last week.  What can I do?  I make my donation.  I know that this support will help in some small way but I feel powerless to influence the politicians, corporations, vested interests and weapons sellers who are the ones that hold the power to make a positive change in this situation - to stop the bombing.

What else can I do? I share this now. I share this in response to the challenge of my friend Jan Rosa.  I share this because I know it is difficult living with these opposites.  I share this because I know that many of you will feel the same powerlessness and want to make a difference.   May peace come soon to all in Syria and around the world.

Big love

Monica x