Posted at 23.30 Barbados Time on 27 April 2014

  1. Check out your body and weigh yourself - I have no scales so just decided to check out the body...  Hmmm will comment on that later
  2. Look in the mirror and tell yourself what a miracle it is to get to this day
  3. Make a pledge to review your year or use your joy jar to pull out all of your high points
  4. Make a note to call or email all your peeps and tell them that you love them
  5. Finish a full on retreat
  6. Pack your bags for your flight to Grenada
  7. Write your 100 things to do during the year list
  8. Give thanks for all the amazing things that your nearly 40 years have brought you
  9. Cuddle your hubby
  10. Get some sleep...