New Year New Relationship


New Year New Relationship

The relationship with your spouse or committed partner can be complex and challenging as well as deeply rewarding. It is as though you have a mirror showing you your likes, dislikes, idiosyncrasies and gifts right in front of you. 

Sometimes it feels like all you need is a whole new relationship.

2017 was a particularly difficult year for Mr DC and I. For much of the year we’ve been preoccupied with work, overstretched and disconnected.  At times, the mirror image that we were presenting to each other was neither clear, happy nor comfortable to see. 



New Beginnings

New Moon, New Beginnings - Is it time for a new start? If your energy feels a bit stagnant and in need of a reboot or refresh, I want to encourage you to use the new moon energy to make a new start today. It's simple, it's easy, and you don't even have to go anywhere. You just need to take a little time for you. I would like to recommend that you join me in this New Moon, New Beginnings Ceremony.

What can this New Moon, New Beginnings ceremony give you?

When you make time for this ceremony, you let go of that which needs to be released. You express deep appreciation for all in the past that enables you to be who you are in this moment.  You meditate softly to allow your intuition to give you one seed word to focus on for your next step. You then lie down in deep relaxation to plant and nurture your seed word within your body, heart, mind and soul. Sounds yummy, doesn't it?

I recommend this because I do it

I made time to do my New Moon, New Beginnings Ceremony this morning before holding space for others at a gathering today.  I was thinking that I wanted to let go of some old habits and create space for new behaviours so I decided to go back to my own tools, get clear and raise my vibration.  I created the New Moon, New Beginnings three part ceremony of ritual, meditation and relaxation for The Nurturing Journey in January 2016.  I cannot express how powerful it has been for me and many others who have taken this journey. 

Your seed word

At the end of the ceremony, you will have received or chosen your seed word.  Your seed word gives you focus and enables bring yourself into alignment with the qualities that you want in your life. My seed word for this month is Spaciousness.  At this moment, after completing the ceremony, I am aware that the full potential for spaciousness is within me. I feel spacious. I know what I need to do and who I need to be to allow the seed of spaciousness to grow within me.

What do you want your seed word to be this month?

If you are ready to let go and begin again check out the link to the ceremony HERE



Sometimes one email makes it all worthwhile

I'm feeling tired today after all of the activity for #IWD2017 and #Embrace the movie BUT I received an email that has made it all worthwhile.

Email from Ruby, age 15, sent 30 mins after watching Embrace.
Subject: I have embraced and I would like to help others to do it as well

My name is Ruby and I am a normal 15-year old that lives a normal life. I attended the embrace film with my mum and was (for the first time in my life) speechless. All my thoughts about school and what happened today seemed so insignificant. The film was so inspirational and I think the message it gives is truly beautiful. I am a proud female and I love my body even though many told me not to. I really want to help others to discover and appreciate their true beauty too. I think it is so important to tell young women this because so many don't believe it. I want my children to love themselves, no matter how they look and I want children to enjoy being a child, playing outside not worrying about their appearance. I would love to help as this subject is so close to my heart.

Thank you very much,

Ruby x


AND when I asked if I could share it, she said.

"Of course, I'm desperate to get the word around to people so I don't mind at all. I have planned to get together a group of my closest friends to watch embrace when it comes out on DVD to get them involved too."

#beyouandtakeaction It takes courage and energy to enable things to change. #speakyourtruth #standupforlove You never know what difference it might make to someone. Whether you are a talker, an armchair activist or a front-liner please continue to play your part. We are all needed and never let anyone judge where your love and action is coming from. We need you.

Share Ruby's story if you wish. That's another way to make a difference.


91% of women hate their body - Let's do something about that stat


91% of women hate their body - Let's do something about that stat

They say 91% of women hate their body. Isn't it time that we do something to change that statistic?


Reserve your ticket for the East Midlands screening of Embrace here.

This is for you if you've ever felt hate for your body or seen your friend, mother, sister, aunt or daughter punish their bodies to meet some kind of social ideal.

Let's stop this punishment.

Let's stand up for love in Derby, 8 March 2017

#ihaveembraced #wiilyou?


Fancy joining me in an oasis of abundance?


Fancy joining me in an oasis of abundance?

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about how easy it is for caring people to get overwhelmed, distracted or depleted.  It’s clear that we cannot do our work in the world if we’re laid out flat because we’ve neglected our core needs. During the winter, in the Northern Hemisphere, it is particularly difficult with the short days, cold and the big expectations that we often place on ourselves after the New Year.

I’ve been working in the personal and spiritual development field for the last 16 years, with a specific focus on the art of nurturing for the last 5 years, and I sometimes slip up. I have my nurture plan for my body, mind, heart and soul to keep me on track. I use this every day to remind me that I can do nothing for anyone else if I can’t do it for myself.  I also work intensively with my mentors, peers and guides to ensure that I stay on track. 

It’s clear that being supported by others who are committed to self-care and energy maintenance is crucial to preventing us from slipping into sickness, stagnation and procrastination. It's the guidance give us specific practices that we can apply each day.  It’s the regular contact that helps us to remember to apply the knowledge that we have already.  It's the inspiration of others that enables us to take action to reconnect with nature and look after our essential needs.  It’s the group energy that gives us the accountability, focus, clarity and encouragement to continue when times get tough.

That’s why I’ve decided to open up my Oasis Nurture Group to new members this January.  I invite you to join me, and a small group of fellow Nurturing Journey Travellers, to support each other to keep self-care and maintaining our vibrant energy at the top of our list for the next 6 months.  This isn’t a selfish thing.  This is about using our energy wisely and looking after our core needs. In this way, we can preserve our energy and serve our loved ones from a place of overflow and abundance. 

Find out more about the Oasis Nurture Group click HERE

P.s - You can start with a complimentary “Arrival at the Oasis’ session that I recorded to welcome the first members of the group in October 2016.  

Our next session is on the 29 January 2017. It’s new moon so it’s the perfect time to set your intentions for self-care and vibrant energy over the next 6 months.  If you can't make the call live you'll have access to the replays and all of the calls moving forward.

P.p.s I’m really passionate about supporting you if you're really ready to nurture and look after yourself.  That's why I have created the Oasis Nurture Group.  

When you demonstrate your readiness by taking your first step and participating fully in the "Arrival at the Oasis" session you'll also receive a January Joiner Special price mentioned on the session.  You will also receive the special gift that I talk about at the end of the session if you sign up to join us in the Oasis HERE before 29 January 2017.   

I look forward to meeting you in the Oasis.  

Big love Monica xxx



The beauty and simplicity of yoga


The beauty and simplicity of yoga

Over the last few years, I’ve become jaded and disillusioned with many aspects of some yoga traditions and the modern yoga ‘industry’. I realised this morning that, because of this, I have been unconsciously denying the fundamental importance and place of yoga in my life and work. It’s time to stop that pattern and set the record straight. This is part of my commitment to aligned action and speaking my truth during 2017.

I have had the privilege of spending most of the last four weeks with my dear friend, mentor and long time yoga teacher Swami Satyaprakash, aka Ann Fletcher, at Zion House Retreat in Barbados. We’ve had a proper chilled-out holiday.  I had time to reflect and reassess my work and life alongside Swami Satyaprakash, my husband Simon and a new friend Christine.  We’ve taken the opportunity to do our practices throughout the day and enjoy being in nature and the lovely space of the retreat. 

Yesterday, we held a havan (a yogic fire ceremony) to release obstacles to divine order and welcome in the creative, abundant flow of energy for ourselves and the world around us.  It was so beautiful to sit in the peaceful garden together with our improvised fire pit.  It was a glorious evening with the moonlight shining down on us as we chanted and meditated for the good of all.

During the havan, I woke up to the realisation that it is essential for me to integrate yoga practice into my ceremonial work, training courses and inspirational speaking. It is an essential part of how I show up fully and authentically in the world.  I cannot deny it any longer: yoga is integrated into my body, heart, mind and soul.  

Feeling disillusioned by the state of yogic current affairs was not my only problem.  I had also been struggling with how to openly reconcile my multiple roles of yoga practitioner, teacher and trainer with my more recent roles of interfaith minister, inspirational speaker, spiritual counsellor and holder of bespoke ceremonies for secret rebels. It all felt disjointed and confusing.  I’m sure if it felt that way for me it must have felt that way for my previous students and current clients.

I have been asking for clarity over the last three years of transition and in the fire I found it. I recognised that I need to let go of any attachment to the labels, the expectations, restrictions and forms of what it means to be an interfaith minister and a yoga teacher in the modern world.  I need to redefine what I do on my terms. That’s why the nickname “Rebel Reverend” is so apt for me!

Being with Swami Satyaprakash reminded me that I have a long history with yoga of over 30 years.  Yogic practice and philosophy are fundamental to how I operate at home and in work. Let me be clear, I’m not just talking about postures on a mat. My big sister first introduced me to yoga at age ten. Yogic practice, in some form or other, has been a companion either in the background or forefront since then.  Yes, my initiation came initially through hatha yoga practice but I’ve also had the blessing of immersing myself in the philosophical, energetic and devotional aspects of other forms of yoga – including karma yoga, kundalini yoga, kriya yoga, gyana yoga, bhakti yoga, the list goes on… I have received such loving care, support, direction and guidance over the years from my teachers in India, South Africa and the UK. 

Satyaprakash reminded me how grateful I am for the practices that I have been given through my local teachers from The British Wheel of Yoga, Satyananda Yoga Centre Birmingham and Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales over the last 16 years.  Yoga has seen me through the ups, downs, breakdowns and breakthroughs of life.  Even though I maintain the status of perpetual beginner, I’ve been a dedicated practitioner for 20 years and have been sharing the gifts of yoga in various guises as a student, teacher and foundation course tutor since 2001.   I’ve also had the privilege of serving as a tutor, assessor and trustee for Mandala Yoga Ashram over the last decade supporting several yoga teacher training courses and teachers to share the unifying messages of yoga in their communities.  I’m deeply grateful to my other beloved teacher and friend Swami Nischalananda who has also been a great support over the years.  I also need to acknowledge my other yoga teachers, students and supporters who have helped me to deepen and simplify my practice over the years so that I could arrive at this point today.

Following the havan, I now have space and clarity about what I need to do to enable me to share the gift of yoga within the context of the current work that I do. I now see how I can integrate the essence of what I have learned into a grounded foundation that supports my work as Rebel Rev. Monica. The way through is not to abandon my yoga teaching and sharing (as previously thought) but to find ways of supporting the sharing of what I know while creating space for the development of the global work that I do for people of all faiths and none.  On reflection, I also see that the majority of my clients also share this connection and love of yoga so it’s important for me to acknowledge and be open about my lineage, tradition and training so that I can effectively support the work that we do together.

The fire of the havan and the chanting has changed everything.  I don’t have to throw the yogic baby out with the bathwater.  By letting go of how I ‘thought’ I needed to practise and share yoga I have been opened up to a new path of possibility and integration.  I now know that I still need to support yoga practitioners and teachers to integrate yoga more effectively into daily life.   I can do this in a way that feels spacious and joyful. I can find a way to deliver the training that is powerful, supportive and transformative. I can do this in a way that fits perfectly with the retreats that I have already planned in Barbados. I can do this in a way that honours and supports the current work that I do as an inspirational speaker, spiritual guide and holder of ceremonies.  Hoorah!

Until now, I’ve been unable to launch The Space for Nurturing Yoga because it didn’t feel right. Now feels like the right time.  I’m not going to wait to have a fancy website. I’m just going to email people and have a Facebook page ‘The Space for Nurturing Yoga’. I will signpost people to events and courses on this page when it feels right to provide that support. I’m going to keep it simple.

I am starting the programme with a weekend of ritual, yoga and meditation with Swami Satyaprakash at my home sanctuary in Burton on Trent on 17-19 March 2017. It’s a residential weekend called “The Beauty and Simplicity of Yoga” for a small group of yoga teachers and practitioners to reflect, take stock and prepare to move forward into spring.  We’ll be holding a nurturing space of ceremony and ritual while we go back to the basics of hatha yoga, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation. It’s going to be a lovely way to take the next steps in this adventure.

After the “The Beauty and Simplicity of Yoga” weekend, I’ll be rolling out a spacious and light core programme for The Space for Nurturing Yoga.  I’ll be sharing any yoga specific events on The Space for Nurturing Yoga FB page and there will be a link to the page from If you are interested in following my progress with this or joining me, like and comment on The Space for Nurturing Yoga FB page.

Big love M xxx


A New Moon for a New Year - A message from a box of chocolates


A New Moon for a New Year - A message from a box of chocolates

A message from a box of Booja Booja chocolates.

"Don't try too hard. Letting go normally works out just fine."

Mr DC just gave me this message with a chocolate. It prompted me to write this really long post. Please bear with me, it contains a gift sent with love. I'm hoping that you've been able to celebrate the festive season exactly how you wanted. No doubt, there has been at least a little drama, just hoping it's not been too much.

We've been being less busy than normal and letting go a lot. We've been having a proper post anniversary holiday and a quiet Christmas. Simon is in full holiday mode. It's a joy to see him let go of his responsibilities and open up his creative soul.

The crashing computer has forced me to step back even further and re-evaluate. I have taken the full opportunity to be here in this beautiful place. Using the time to reconnect with my old favorite practices for restoring harmony within the elements from The Nurturing Journey. I've been reconnecting with the ancestors and the earth beneath my feet. I have allowed the ocean to cleanse me, soothe me and bring free flow. The radiant sun has recharged my vital energy. My breath has been restored by the bountiful breeze. Such priceless blessings I have received over the last few weeks.

We've been creating space for flow and abundance. We've been letting go of old patterns that no longer serve. My body, heart, mind and soul are full to overflowing. I'm now ready to pay forward these blessings through my work as Rebel Rev.

This year has been so hard for many. I've experienced this at a personal level, within my family, clients and the wider community. There have been waves of shock, grief, pain, loss, overwhelm, difficulty and a palpable sense of powerlessness. I commit to playing my part to usher in a change. This New Moon can be a powerful time of going inside and setting our intentions for something different in the year ahead. A time to get clear about what would we like to bring into the world for our loved ones, the wider community and the World.

I had planned to mark this new moon with an online 2016 review party but I cancelled it yesterday. The party will come later. I feel like the appropriate action now is shared ceremony, reflection, meditation and re-dedication to purpose. I started this year with The New Moon, New Beginnings Ceremony. I will end the year with this too. May 2017 bring new light from the darkness.

New Year - New Moon - New Beginnings Ceremony - End the year well. Join me in the ceremony

New Year - New Moon - New Beginnings Ceremony - End the year well. Join me in the ceremony

Join me if you're also committed to being part of this change in our world during 2017. Use code LightfromDark before 31 December 2017 to receive this ceremony as a gift from me. Pay it forward in whatever way you choose.


A legacy of life and death


A legacy of life and death

Death facebook post.png

For me it’s important to see death and life as equally good. Too often our fear of death is disabling and prevents us from truly living. By befriending death and seeing it as a continual part of the flow of life, we are made free to live our lives fully. My own experience with death has included near death experience, miscarriage and the inevitable loss of loved ones including the death of my soul sister Susan Smith when we were both 32.

Sue was like my mirror twin. We were one month apart in age, grew up together, gave each other advice and continually encouraged each other to be our best. We mapped out our life path in milestones that we would reach together - get a degree, get married, have children and inspire the world.

But as we know our plans are not always God's plan.

Sue’s death was a pivotal moment in me embracing my mortality. As she was dying of cancer Sue said “live your dreams”. I received this advice even in the depth of the grief, the anger and outrage that such a beautiful soul could leave the earth so early.

At first the grief was disabling, I couldn’t believe the extent of the pain, the anger and disorientation. It was as though the loss had taken me into a deep sleep, I didn’t feel like I was able to do anything.

Sues words “live your dreams” were like an alarm that kept ringing to bring me back to wakefulness. I realised I had a choice, I could remain locked and frozen by the emotion or I could use how I felt to propel me into making her death meaningful by me living my purpose.

I have lived by Sue’s advice ever since. I’ve been able to commit fully to my relationships, step out of my comfort zone and do things that I’d never thought possible. I will be continually grateful to Sue for this.

I have realised that death of a loved one does not mean your death too. It can be a call for you to fully be awake to life. You can honour the death of a loved one by living your dreams to the full.

Sue continues to inspire me every day. The legacy of her life and death continues though milestones that I reach, the advice that I give and dreams that I live.


The Difficult Dilemma of Caring


The Difficult Dilemma of Caring


Today, I have been sitting with the difficult dilemma of caring for others in this modern world.  I’m sitting with the co-existence of opposites – pain and pleasure, peace and war, action and inaction. At some level, I know that this may all be an illusion but, right now, it feels very real.

I know that I am blessed and fortunate for the privileges that I have and the fact that I have the time to consider these issues and write this post.  I’m feeling grateful for the life I live and the business people that I am currently working with to release their inner rebel, open up to creativity, soul connection and abundance. The reason I work with these, ‘business rebels’ as I call them, is because I know that we care, can often deplete ourselves to exhaustion and that we have more choice and freedom to use the abundance that we receive to create a lasting legacy in the world.

At the same time, I am also feeling deep heart and soul pain while thinking of the suffering being experienced by many people in the world such as those families and children being bombed in Syria.  When I think of this I can often fall into feeling that my work in this privileged world isn’t the priority.  My new friend, Jan Rosa who is deeply involved in providing support to refugees and families from and in Syria, challenged me yesterday to look at what I could do to help this situation.  She challenged me to view images of the situation in Syria and a fundraising page to provide medical supplies for doctors working under the constant bombing in Aleppo. At first I was reluctant to visit the page. At first I was defensive saying, that I am doing all that I can do.  Then I asked myself, is that true? Am I really doing all I can do?

That’s when I decided to go back to my meditation practice, rituals and ceremony to help me to really see what my role in this is.  I also held a group ritual last night to open up the collective body, heart, mind and soul to plant a seed for awareness and change.

As I write this post, I also overhear a radio programme that says that the war in Syria may have produced the most civilian casualties since the second world war. How can this be happening? (It is unusual for me to hear the radio news but the radio is on because I have a wonderful joiner working in my house). It is not lost on me that I’m having my house fixed while others are having theirs destroyed.

Now I know I have to look at the Facebook page of @DoctorShajulIslam and his request for support with medical supplies on an Amazon wishlist  I have to look at the website to provide funds for Medical Aid Syria  I cry because these brave professionals are asking for basic supplies at a time that there has been so much attention on buying mostly unnecessary electronic goods over the last week.  What can I do?  I make my donation.  I know that this support will help in some small way but I feel powerless to influence the politicians, corporations, vested interests and weapons sellers who are the ones that hold the power to make a positive change in this situation - to stop the bombing.

What else can I do? I share this now. I share this in response to the challenge of my friend Jan Rosa.  I share this because I know it is difficult living with these opposites.  I share this because I know that many of you will feel the same powerlessness and want to make a difference.   May peace come soon to all in Syria and around the world.

Big love

Monica x







The Purpose behind this Rage


The Purpose behind this Rage

I have had a boiling rage wanting to express itself through me over the last two weeks. It’s been so unlike my general disposition of lightness and joy that I have been bowled over by its ferocity. The rage has been raw, hot and powerful. It touches into a deep universal pain and my body has felt the surges of energy from it.

It’s been more rage than I have ever felt before. My jaw has been locked and I have needed to consciously release it each day. I have expressed the rage by speaking my truth in my journal, working with the inner tools that I have been given and by seeking support from my mentors, guides and guardians. I have had to run, move, breath, cry and bellow to pass it through and out of my system. The act of allowing myself to feel it and express it has been a cleansing process for my body, heart, mind and soul.

There are no specific fingers to point, no particular actions in my individual life that have prompted this release. It feels like I am processing for my ancestors, for the past, for the unspoken words, for the unnamed pain in the world. I welcome this rage. I embrace its dark power. I want it to be seen and acknowledged without allowing it burn or damage anyone else. I offer it into the purifying fire of transformation. I vow to harness its energy for action, for growth and expansion. I have discovered another layer of expansive possibility by allowing it to be, by allowing it to express itself honestly and openly within the boundaries of safe, loving and compassionate hands.

Whilst this has been happening life, as normal, has been carrying on. The difference is that my actions in daily life have been fuelled by this newly released energy and the resulting realignment of my intention. I have used its energy to re-assess my presence in the world. I have sat in its power to bring me fully into the now and renew my vow to live my truth and shine my light. I am grateful that it has propelled me to conceive of a deeper, fuller, more authentic way of being.

Yesterday, it gave me the energy to hold the “Planting Seeds for Abundance” Ceremony that I led online in the darkness of new moon. It was wonderful to see that something so beautiful and in flow could come out of feelings so strong, fierce, deep and at first glance ugly.

Out of the rage, I acknowledge the unheard pain. 
Out of the pain, I experience release. 
Out of the release, I reclaim my energy. 
Out of the energy, I express my truth. 
In my truth, I reconnect to my purpose and shine my light.

And so it is.


Holy Crap - Creating Space for Energy, Health & Abundance


Holy Crap - Creating Space for Energy, Health & Abundance

Holy Crap - creating space for Energy, Health & Abundance

One of my mentors says that the secret to good health is the removal of waste. I know this to be true from my own experience. When I feel ill, I generally feel stagnant, heavy, low energy and usually have sluggishness in my digestive system, maybe some kind of acidic stomach or mucous filled, horrible, snotty congestion. When I'm feeling healthy I'm energised, I go to the bathroom regularly, my skin is clear, I'm vibrant and everything is functioning well. Is that true for you too?

My reflections leading to this post being called 'holy crap' are to signify my reverence for the waste signals that tell us that space needs to be created, something is out of balance or needs to be released. Over the last 15 years, I have felt and seen how different cleansing practices have enabled myself and other travellers to release waste and free up space for health and abundance to arise. I use these practices in Day Retreats in the UK, as part of The Nurturing Journey Retreats in Barbados and also with 1:1 Clients.

It doesn't always have to be unpalatable forms of waste and excess either. Sometimes we need to cut back and cleanse after what can be seen as a period of positive growth.

I've learnt this really recently through my work in the greenhouse at my new home. Mr DC and I were just happy for things to grow, sprout and become unwieldy in the garden. It wasn't until my father visited that we realised that some pruning was in order. We had allowed things to grow out of control. The courgettes were overcrowding the chillies. The tomatoes were so overgrown that the nutrition wasn't going to the fruit and the runner beans were sprinting for space. We'd allowed things to overgrow. Energy was being wasted on actions that were not productive and some parts of the greenhouse were receiving more nourishment and nutrition than others. This wasted energy meant that we were going to receive less produce and abundance as a result.

The idea of "holy crap" came to me like a revelation today, when someone asked me about the strangest place that I practice or go into meditation. I was thinking about the question and what came up for me was "in the toilet". It may seem an irreverent idea to practice meditation on the toilet but I find it invaluable. It's regular, its practical, it's grounded and makes meditation part of daily reality. I also get an indicator of my overall health by focussing on what is happening or not happening and how it effects my body, heart, mind and soul. Most people have experienced the malaise, worry and anxiety associated with constipation. True? Or maybe your sign is the miserableness of nasal congestion, snot and sinusitis? I hope that everyone has, at least once, received the presence, peace and clarity felt after a good "shit"(technical term). Am I right?

Isn't the body great? The process of releasing “that which is no longer necessary” is magical. When you make the choice to be engaged in the process of clearing and creating space it’s powerful. So is the idea of giving thanks for the gift that the body has given us through processing all that is coming to it. Without judgement it processes the really nutritious wonderful stuff AND the rubbish, the low-grade food or drink that we may have put into my body. It always does it's best.

When we feel grateful for the body's capacity to release waste and work to enable that process to flow more freely we turn cleansing and crapping into a sacred process. I may be in danger of taking the metaphor too far but I'm going with it. Crap is holy. Waste is the secret to good health and abundance. When we create space and give thanks for what has been, release that which is no longer necessary and open up to flow we can have more abundance. This is why I like to teach people the cleansing practices that I use for the body, heart, mind and soul. I call the process Creating Space for Abundance. This can be abundance in whatever area - health, energy, wealth, relationship, work etc.

I send boundless blessings in honour of your holy crap.

Get in touch HERE if you'd like to explore the topic of your own 'holy crap' how to release it to create space for energy, health and abundance. I love these practices and rituals from yoga, wellness coaching, NLP and spiritual counselling. I know that they can help you to create space in your body, heart, mind and soul. 

Our next Creating Space for Abundance Cleansing Day is on Friday 2 September 2016. If you are one of the first 2 to book before 7 August as a result of reading this blog you'll get a special Creating Space gift as a special bonus to help you with the process – Just contact me and quote “Holy Crap”.




Can a bespoke ceremony change lives?

Can a bespoke ceremony change lives?

What is it that you do?

I'm often asked this as an Interfaith Minister.

My answer is: I support people in times of transition, uncertainty or growth to access the wisdom of their authentic spirituality through bespoke ceremonies and spiritual counselling.  

Then people often ask - What's a bespoke ceremony? What difference can that kind of ceremony make?

When people talk about ceremonies what usually springs to mind are the well known and conventional ceremonies at various key stages of life such as baby blessings, weddings and funerals.  These are powerful and beautiful events in peoples lives that are often dictated by the norms of society, the faith traditions or the structures that already exist.  I know these ceremonies. I have been part of them. I have been trained to deliver and I hold space for these ceremonies, with joy, as an Interfaith Minister.

However, I have also been called to expand the world of ceremony for my clients.  I have been inspired and tasked to create bespoke ceremonies that meet the deep inner needs of my clients. These bespoke ceremonies are framed to mark, not just the standard rites of passage in life but also, the meaningful transitions that are not often formally acknowledged. These bespoke ceremonies help people, couples and groups feel whole, complete and ready for the next stage of life. Examples include moving into menopause, post divorce new life, moving into womanhood, post surgery wholeness, relationship commitment, inner vow creation and vow renewal ceremonies.   

I received an email last week that demonstrates perfectly the difference that an unconventional bespoke ceremony can make.  What follows is the reflection of a recent client on her "Moving into fullness' ceremony. We had 3 deep listening, spiritual counselling and planning sessions followed by a day of personal ceremony. I will let the email speak for itself.

"Dear Monica,

It's now been three weeks since my wonderful ceremony. The flowers lasted until yesterday, would you believe it! They must have soaked up all the wonderful energy that filled the ceremonial room.

I've been wondering how to put into words how I feel about the ceremony. It's not that easy! First and foremost, I feel huge gratitude to you for creating such a beautiful template for us to use, for letting me fill it with my own suggestions, and for providing such a beautiful space and leading the ceremony itself. I truly cannot think of a single thing I would have preferred to have any other way. 

I felt held and supported all the way through our preparation process - in fact, as you said, I felt that the process of transformation was already at work during the preparation, and the ceremony was actually just the final step in a longer journey. It felt completely safe to share both my hopes and desires for the ceremony and the future as well as the painful things I wanted to acknowledge and let go. 

On the day itself, again I felt completely safe and supported from the moment I arrived at your house. It was a delight to first indulge in play with the labyrinth before settling into the ceremonial process proper. I appreciated having my own special space to prepare and get changed (with Rajesh's music - perfect!). 

The space you had created for the ceremony was so beautiful. The way you had set up the room, so that I could physically move from one stage of the ceremony and of being to another, was absolutely perfect. I had tried not to come with any expectations of what the space would be like, but when I saw it I was completely delighted with it!

I experienced the ceremony itself as incredibly powerful (as you will have been able to tell from my reactions!). The process of writing to the various aspects of myself in itself was healing, but speaking those words aloud in that sacred setting had a power I could not have fully imagined. I felt complete joy, sorrow and surrender. And throughout all of it, your presence there meant I felt held and supported. I did not feel the need to hold anything back; it was safe to let go, safe to show and share my emotions.

It was lovely to dance together at the end of the ceremony, and then share another hour or so over lunch and tea - thank you so much for your hospitality. It was a great way of gently returning to the "real" world.

So how has the ceremony changed me?

First and foremost, I feel more whole, I feel more solid. I feel a deeper connection to an authentic sense of self, and to what MY truth is and how I need to be and act. I feel empowered! I don't necessarily feel like a different person, but like a more real, full version of myself. I also have a much, much stronger - almost permanent - awareness of the presence of the divine. I find myself looking at things and at people with greater awareness. My dedication to the Goddess means she is not letting me forget my vow!

I sense that there will be shifts in my life as a result of this journey; I am not sure exactly how they will manifest, and am excited to see what changes will occur and how my path will unfold over the next years. I am open to what the universe has in store for me!

All this has been made possible because of you, and for this I am so, so grateful - words can't quite express it, but I know that you know what I mean. I will always bless the fates that had us sharing the same bedroom at the Ashram! I look forward to sharing many other events with you in the future - whether it's yoga or red tents or something completely different. You have a wonderful gift and I feel so lucky that you shared it with me!

I am happy for you to use any of this on your website or any other materials - whatever makes sense. In the meantime, I'll keep following the Rebel Rev on Facebook and your blog until we see each other again!

With so much love and gratitude,

Margaret xxx"

I am so grateful for this email. It confirms that this is the right path for me to be walking at this time.  I am privileged and blessed to be able to share this gift of bespoke ceremony with those who need it.  Thank you Margaret.  I know from your wonderful example that bespoke ceremony can change lives in boundless and unpredictable ways. 

Rebel Rev. Monica Douglas-Clark is a Ordained Interfaith Minister, Transformational Wellness Coach and Trainer of Nurturing Yoga Teachers and Practitioners.   She is passionate about supporting rebellious souls to break free of the chains that bind through Transformational Guidance and Training, Spiritual Counselling and Bespoke Ceremony.  She is passionate about creating space for people to transform, blossom and grow.   CLICK HERE if you're ready to break free, nurture your truth and BE all that you are.


 A spiritual approach to weight loss?

A spiritual approach to weight loss?

Why had I never considered a spiritual approach to weight loss before? 

I have received so much support since announcing to the world my intention to let go of these protective layers of fat I have accumulated. I've been enthused and inspired  by various friends to carry out a truly holistic approach to letting go and embracing a new way of being.  

I've been offered accountability and support for the body with food systems and exercise goals. Friends are walking alongside me with self love and nourishment for the heart.  I have  received support with clarity, affirmations, self talk and concentration techniques for my mind. 

However, it's the friend that inspired me to have the courage of an explicitly spiritual approach to weight loss that really grabbed my attention this week.  I received a beautiful personal message signposting me to A Course in Weight Loss - 21 Spiritual Lessons For Surrendering Your Weight Forever by Marianne Williamson. Based on A Course in Miracles, this book gives a radical departure from the standard diets, exercise and behaviour focussed approach to optimum weight and health.  I have listened to the whole of the audiobook and have completed the first few lessons.  I will definitely not be an approach for everyone but I'm loving the fact that it's enthused with ritual, prayer and action. I've never taken this approach before and I'm going to give this soul work a good go - alongside the actions for the mind, heart and body.

I'm not sure if I have lost any weight yet (I've not weighed myself) but I'm feeling lighter and freer in my soul, mind, heart and body.   I'm happy in my lifestyle choices and am enjoying the changes that I am implementing. I went to Mandala Yoga Ashram this weekend and I've recommitted to shining my light fully and authentically in the world. I've been eating well, exercising, letting go and letting the God of my understanding support me in this challenge.

I'm really looking forward to summarising my progress here over the coming weeks. Its exciting to explore the theme of returning to my essential nature and allowing my soul to reflect joyfully through my body as an instrument of Spirit.  I'm looking forward to sharing progress with the friends who are walking or running alongside me in this adventure.  I will be contacting all who have messaged me to join a private group where we can explore the issues arising in much more depth than I can here. If you are interested in joining the group send me a message.  Big love M x

Here is my first reflection on lesson 1

Where did this layer of extra pounds come from?

Where did this layer of extra pounds come from?

Rebel Rev Monica reflects on the extra layer of pounds that has crept on over the last year.  It's time for change. Mr DC and Lisa Nichols have provided the much needed ass kick to make it happen. It's time for a cleansing kick start.  CLICK HERE to read the post.

A home sanctuary for ceremony - it's some kind of wonderful


A home sanctuary for ceremony - it's some kind of wonderful

Last week was a "some kind of wonderful" week.

It was filled with transformational guidance, spiritual counselling, worldwide womb blessing ceremonies, full moon gatherings, visiting yoga teacher friends and was topped off with a radio interview about my work as Rebel Rev Monica.

It was particularly wonderful because I used our home sanctuary for a beautiful bespoke one-to-one Ceremony marking the end of an era and a new beginning for delightful client.

It felt perfect.

I had been reluctant to use my new home sanctuary for fear of it not being ready or good enough yet. I generally work online, in the client's space or outside venues.

I'd had a judgement and a fear that our house was 'not quite good enough' as it is in process. The sanctuary space is lovely but the rest of it needs work. The hard stuff - damp, foundation work and building blocks are complete but it's without the final decoration. The garden is beautiful but a little unkempt. Isn't it funny how surroundings mirror life? Are we ever not in process?

Somewhere inside I knew that I needed to trust that what I had to offer in our home was more than enough and invite in the right client.

Guess what? She arrived and I invited her in with an open heart.

I created a labyrinth in the garden and a ceremonial space inside full of flowers, freedom and joy.

Guess what?

The ceremony and the process was more beautiful and transformative than I could have imagined.

I thank my client for trusting me to create a safe and loving space in my home sanctuary in Burton.  I also thank her for her openness and creativity when writing and preparing her bespoke ceremony.

I thank Reverend Laurie Sue for inspiring me to use my home sanctuary through example by using her home for our wedding ceremony 12 and a half years ago.

I thank One Spirit Interfaith Foundation for the tools in creating ceremony for people of all faiths or none that I received in my training as an ordained interfaith minister.

I thank my beloved husband for supporting me to share our home with beautiful people who are ready to meaningfully complete one stage of their life in order to freely and joyfully begin another.

The whole process confirmed to me that the work that I do as Rebel Rev Monica is exactly the work that I'm meant to be doing right now.

I am relaxed and confident in my ability to work with the gifts I have and the needs of my clients to create life changing ceremonies in my own home, online and in venues all over the world.

I am ready to welcome more rebellious souls who need my services to take The Nurturing Journey. Our home sanctuary is open for ceremony. The time is right, it definitely feels good and I'm grateful for my  'some kind of wonderful' week for confirming that to me.  

I'm looking forward to holding more ceremonies at home. Bring it on!

What one thing could you do to create your "some kind of wonderful' week?  

Comment and share below.


Rebel Rev Monica Douglas-Clark helps people during times of uncertainty, growth or transition to feel more peace, love, joy and abundance.  She provides support to clients through Transformational Guidance, Spiritual Counselling, Training and Bespoke Ceremony.

Known as a Rebel Reverend and Revolutionary Business Leader, Monica is a qualified and ordained Interfaith Minister, Nurturing Yoga Teacher Trainer and Transformational guide who delivers training courses (online and in person), 1:1 guidance, events and retreats globally.  She is also committed to living her life as a Nurturing Journey in the business she runs with her husband and at home with her family.

Visit to find out more.  

Listen to  Monica speak about her work on BBC Radio here:  interview starts at 11 minutes into the recording.


Bees, Peace and the Moon Cycle

Bees, Peace and the Moon Cycle

Are you aware of the effect that the rhythm and cycles of nature have on you and those around you? Monica Douglas-Clark gains some insight and inspiration from bees and the biodynamic honey farmers of Palestine during her recent Peace Camp trip to The West Bank / Israel / Palestine.


Peace Camp 2016 - Facing Loss, Death, Anger, Fear and Life Together

Image from:

Image from:

I've just been interviewed on BBC Radio Derby, about our Peace Camp event in the Judean Desert near Jerusalem and the Dead Sea in April. 

It is a non-profit service project in the Ecome Camp in Israel / Palestine with the intention to listen and learn from one another, and to generate a spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood across cultures. 

The aim of the Peace Camp is to create a safe space for us to learn together, work together, and help each other overcome our fears, prejudices, and that which holds us back from peace. We welcome Palestinians, Israelis and international participants to join us. We welcome Muslims, Jews, Christians, Druze, and those of all other faiths or none.

We gather to be with and learn from one another, in the name of peace.
For 6 days & nights in the desert, let us meet each other and the places in us that hurt and grieve, and celebrate. 

I’m so excited to be getting the word out about this humbling and challenging work with my fellow One Spirit Interfaith Ministers, non-violent communication trainers, and healing therapists. 

My role in the Peace Camp will be to hold ceremonies for Israeli, Palestinian, and international participants, alongside other non-violent communication trainers, and qualified therapists and counsellors. 

I believe that outer peace begins with inner peace, and I hope that the Peace Camp in the West Bank, and the fundraiser to support it in Burton, are small steps that we can take to have a wider impact on the world.

I feel that the camp can help us all as individuals to lead more peaceful and harmonious lives, and bring that into the wider world. I love spending time with people from all backgrounds, races, and faiths, to create more harmony within ourselves and in our relationships with others. 

This service project is not-for-profit, and donations are being sought to help subsidise places for local participants. We would welcome donations to support the bursary for local participants to attend the camp, if you would like to support this project, please click the 'donate for peace' button to donate.

If you would like to like to learn more about peace camp 2016, would like to gift a scholarship place or would like to see how you can join us on peace camp in April 2016, please click the 'learn more button' for more information.

Donate for peace

P.s - Here is the link to hear what I said on BBC RADIO DERBY about peace camp.

P.P.S - I am also having a GLOBAL PEACE PARTAAAAAY ! To have some fun, fundraise and support this global peace work, and I invite YOU to join us ! It would be great if you can come and join me to listen to some good music, eat delicious food, drink good beer and be with some amazing peeps. 

Click here to find out more and get your ticket...



Why David Bowie and Iman inspired me to be an Interfaith Minister?

An open love poem of condolence to Iman and David for an inspirational love at a time of loss

I cannot know how great your love or your loss

It wasn't just your music or your collective talents

Or infinite breathless beauty that shone for me but

The Stella quality of your Union In a world where so called mixed marriage Is still taboo

The two of you Created a model for forbidden love

That had never been seen so publicly or successfully demonstrated before

A divine Union of equals In a world that assumes inequality or imbalance

You embody the yin yang Taijitu

The divine masculine and feminine

And now the paradox of life and death In eternal oneness

May the pain of your separation be eased by knowing you created perfection

Thank you

May all love surround you and your family now and forever

This poem was inspired by a deep love that arose with the death of David Bowie.  Iman and David were one of the inspirations for me in becoming an Interfaith Minister - to provide ceremonies and spiritual guidance for rebellious souls who shine fully like this beautiful couple.   Please like and share if this touches you too. Maybe, just maybe, we can weave a net of love to soothe the grief of all those who mourn the loss of this great rebellious soul.

Rebel Rev. Monica x ‪#‎RebelRebel‬ @TheNJourney


Rebel Rev. Monica Douglas-Clark is a Transformational Guide, Nurturing Yoga Teacher Trainer and Sacred Business Rebel.  She works Online and In-person with individuals, couples and groups. She loves inspiring rebellious souls around the world to live life more fully, creatively and joyfully through the revolutionary businesses that she runs.  She's on a mission to support at least a million rebellious souls to love life in all it's seasons, cycles and appearances before she dies.  There is nothing she likes more than snuggling up with Mr DC, their cat Laskshmi and the dog Anubis that's on it's way.

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I look forward to travelling with you on The Nurturing Journey soon.  Until then, travel well.

Rebel Rev. Monica Douglas-Clark

Transformational Guide, Nurturing Yoga Teacher Trainer and Sacred Business Rebel




How to say No with Love

Ever been shocked when someone has said no to you?

Over the last few weeks I have shocked several people by saying ‘no’ to situations that I normally would have said nothing about or carried on with reluctantly. The situations have always been where something in my mind, heart and/or body has not felt, sounded or looked right.

I know that people have been shocked because they have told me.  They have expressed shock that I am not being my “normal” all encompassing “I’ll do it all” self.  They have told me that they expected me say yes because I “would have normally said yes to that’; they have assumed that I would have given them more time, more leeway, more guidance, more rope, more, more… They have expressed sadness that my behaviour has not been as “nurturing” as they have expected from someone who runs a business called The Nurturing Journey.

I’m writing this post to celebrate the clarity that I have about when to say no.  I am celebrating my realization that in order to live a life that feels like a yes in my body, sounds like a yes in my heart and looks like a yes in my mind I sometimes have to say no. When I say no it means I’m saying no with the intention of nurturing others and myself.

Nurturing doesn’t mean molly coddling or being a doormat for others.  My definition of nurturing is to help (something or someone) to grow, develop, or succeed and that can be through saying yes to something or no depending on what is the right action to take. For me it means being in integrity, acting authentically and having clear boundaries that you are willing to expand or uphold as necessary.

I believe that life is a series of nurturing journeys with inevitable ups, downs, transitions, endings and new beginnings. I also feel that when we step fully into our bodies, listen to the call of our heart, have clarity of mind and connect to our soul that we can find ways to navigate the Nurturing Journey of our life in all it’s twists and turns.

This is why I call my sacred business The Nurturing Journey.  I’m no longer rescuing people or nurturing people in the old smothering ways that encourage dependency.  I’m helping people to grow their own internal support and connection to Spirit so that they can shine their own unique light in the world. I can walk alongside you for a while on your Nurturing Journey and sometimes that means saying “No, I’m not willing to do that”.  I also encourage you to do the same when you are walking The Nurturing Journey with me.

I believe that the most compassionate, loving thing you can do for the world is be fully you.  When you’re being truly you by looking after your body, listening to your heart and watching your mind you can connect to Spirit - the unconditional source of love and abundance that flows through you.  You can then choose to give and act from that place generously knowing that this is the right action for you to take right now.   This sometimes means doing less, letting go of things that are no longer in alignment and saying no. When you truly do this you can be grateful for all that you have, give and be of service.

So if I say no to you, know that it’s for a bigger, higher purpose and I hope you’ll not be shocked by it.  If you say no to me because something doesn’t have integrity for you I will honour and accept it in the same way.


Rebel Rev. Monica Douglas-Clark is a Transformational Guide, Nurturing Yoga Teacher Trainer and Sacred Business Rebel.  She works Online and In-person with individuals, couples and groups. She loves inspiring rebellious souls around the world to live life more fully, creatively and joyfully through the businesses that she runs.  She's on a mission to support at least a million rebellious souls to love life in all it's seasons, cycles and appearances before she dies.  There is nothing she likes more than snuggling up in bed with Mr DC, their cat Laskshmi and the dog Anubis that's on it's way.
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I look forward to travelling with you on The Nurturing Journey soon.  Until then, travel well.
Rebel Rev. Monica Douglas-Clark
Transformational Guide, Nurturing Yoga Teacher Trainer and Sacred Business Rebel



How I Healed my Womb and Unleashed My Inner Goddess

In 2000, I was working in a Local Authority, earning good money, and on track to be a Council Chief Executive within 5 years.  I was practicing and training in yoga, as an escape from the mundaneness and stress, when I had a realization that something wasn’t right. I had irregular, heavy, and painful periods. I was bloated, snappy and unhappy for half of the month, and knew I had to do something. For years, I was able to manage how I was feeling. I made progress by giving up my regular job and training to be a yoga teacher, NLP Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, and more. (It’s a huge list).I changed what I ate, and I took initiations and trainings galore.  Many of these trainings and practices worked, yet at some level I still didn’t feel whole and complete as a woman. At this time, I was guided by various teachers, all of them male, on how to make personal and spiritual progress. They all advised me to look within.  I’m incredibly grateful for that advice because this is what I did. I looked at my life in all its aspects.I committed to thousands of hours of yoga practice, teaching, and meditation. I reviewed my partnership with my now husband, and I looked at my relationships with my family and friends. I transformed what I was doing with my work, and started going for my dreams.I met some amazing people. I grew my wellbeing business, and also supported my husband in growing our family business.

Then I got pregnant. It was a year where all of the women of childbearing age in my family fell pregnant. My father said something very telling, “at last you’ll be a woman now”. It was as though the route of mother was the only valid way to be a woman. I felt somewhat aggrieved by this. I wasn’t even trying to get pregnant. Then I had a miscarriage. As a result of the scans, I discovered that I had fibroids. It was clear that I was completely detached from my feminine body, its creativity, and potential. I met my maternal needs by training in pregnancy yoga, and by teaching hundreds of women to nurture their unborn babies and themselves, during pregnancy and labour. I tried conventional and unconventional methods to reduce the fibroids. I took medicinal herbs, had Mayan abdominal massages, and further refined my food and exercise. I even had a uterine embolisation to shrink them. (It didn’t work and it was a painful and damaging decision for me).

I became a-symptomatic – no pain, discomfort, or heavy periods, but despite all of the work the fibroids kept growing. They grew to the size of a 24 week gestation womb – 3 large grapefruits and small pineapple. I remembered that what I needed to do was go inside of myself.  So I did. I wrote in my journal, I meditated, and I prayed. The message that I received was that my fibroids were my womb telling me about my unfulfilled creative potential, and I needed to step into my truth.  I decided to have deeply healing surgery where I’d keep my womb, but have my fibroids removed and acknowledge the gift that they had bought me.

I renewed my commitment to fulfilling my potential. Yet, I still didn’t feel whole. I took myself on a fertility journey in a quest to get pregnant, and become a woman in the eyes of my family. I had 4 rounds of IVF before I realised that I could be a woman without being a physical mother.  I knew I had to recognise the validity of the parts of me that meant I could be a multifaceted woman in my own right, on my own terms, mother or not. Although I knew it, I didn’t know how to do it.  I remembered again that all I needed to do was take time to go inside to connect with my inner wisdom.

And I did.

This time, I took a sabbatical with my husband in Barbados.  A period of deep reflection, relaxation, and discovery. I did The Artist Way – a 12 step process for discovering and recovering your creative self. I uncovered my creative potential. I practiced daily mantra, yoga, affirmations, and journaling to take me deep within.  I made the commitment to be fearless in the realization of my authentic self. Then I had a breakthrough, a breakdown, a healing transformation, or enlightenment experience. (It doesn’t matter what you call it). I had an irrefutable, unforgettable experience of being one with everything, of being part of the divine feminine and masculine, of being whole – ONE. It was the most scary, joyful, and expansive experience of my life. I knew that I needed to live my life in a way that could connect the divine feminine and masculine within me in a permanent way. So, I sought out female guidance and support as a balance to the masculine paradigm that I had been living in.

I started teaching yoga from a nurturing, loving perspective that blended the masculine and feminine aspects.   I re-read “Women Who Run with the Wolves”, and all of the new and old classics. I sought out female company. I made friends with women who had been on a journey of discovering their sacred femininity of becoming whole.  I practiced and discovered sacred sexuality with Tantric approaches and Taoist practices, including the Jade Egg. During that time I fell back into the trap of needing to be a superhero - The Nurturer.

I found myself repeating old patterns of trying to save and mother others all of the time. I needed to find a path that would remind me that the mother archetype was a valuable aspect, but not the only way to be a woman.  That was when I came across Miranda’s work with Red Moon and The Optimised woman. In these books, Miranda opened up the possibility that I could live my life as a multifaceted woman. I could integrate and work with the four phases of energy that I felt - the Reflective, Dynamic, Expressive and Creative, in powerful and useful ways. I recognised that I had the four archetypes of woman within me – the Maiden, Mother, Enchantress, and Crone. I could use these archetypes to live a whole, complete, and fulfilled life that celebrated all of me.

Through this work, I have discovered a gentle path for integrating my feminine energies, completing the healing of my body, and have now trained to support other women to do the same.Over the last 2 years, I have stepped into a whole new way of being me, of nurturing myself to wholeness. I gained the courage to set up my retreat space in Barbados, and I have made radical changes in the way that I live and work. My work and home life are now set up in a way that honours the wisdom of my womb, and works with the power of my female energy cycles.I’ve practiced and experimented with various paths over the last 15 years, but I have found the Womb Blessing path with Miranda Gray to be one of the most universal and open paths for me to connect to the sacred feminine power within me. Women around the world are reconnecting with the power of their feminine energies. I know that this work can help, and I want to share this work with more women as an act of gratitude and appreciation for all that it has done for me

Throughout my own journey, I have practiced techniques and carried out training to heal myself and my womb, and reclaim the power of my female energy cycles. One of the training paths that I have carried out was Womb Blessing Training with Miranda Gray, Author and Founder of The World Wide Womb Blessing, to become a Moon Mother. Since then I have deepened my understanding and learning and have become an Advanced Moon Mother. As an Advanced Moon Mother, I have been asked many questions about this type of work and the training. I have created this talk so that you have a clear idea of the support and training available on this Womb Blessing path.

This blog is purely my own experience of energy cycles, and following the Womb Blessing and Moon Mother path. It is not intended to teach you practices or techniques, but to be used as an informational tool to find out more…

Contact me at if you:

  • Want to learn how to connect to their feminine nature and female energy cycles in a practical way
  • Want support with the healing of their womb (whether you have a physical womb or not) from pain, disease, chronic conditions, post-operative disconnection, and negative association
  • Are drawn to the work of Monica Douglas-Clark, Miranda Gray, The Worldwide Womb Blessing and/or Moon Mothers
  • Are considering attending Red Moon and/or Womb Blessing Training to become initiated as a Moon Mother
  • Want to know more about what it means to be a Moon Mother or an Advanced Moon Mother
  • Want to clarify how to learn more about this Womb Blessing path

You may:

  • Be completely new to this type of work
  • Have participated in the World Wide Womb Blessing or been to a Red Tent or Women’s Gathering
  • Have read “Red Moon” or “The Optimized Woman” and feel the need to put this knowledge of your cycle into practice
  • Be experienced in this work already through working with women with their menstrual cycles, pregnancy, menopause, and/or fertility
  • Feel drawn to be part of this global movement, dedicated to serving women all over the world to heal their wombs, be whole, and happy

“I feel that we, women, are being called to reclaim our sacred female power, our feminine energies and cyclical nature. I know from my story that we need help and support to do it. “

- Monica Douglas-Clark