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authentic, abundant and fulfilled?

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This is the online home of Monica Douglas-Clark who inspires change-makers and business rebels to be authentic, abundant and fulfilled.

Monica is an  Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Abundance Mentor & Business Rebel for people of all faiths or none. The 'rebels' she works with are often difference makers, talented professionals and care givers who sometimes feel exhausted, frustrated or unsupported.  They often have a tendency to over-do “everything” because of a secret fear of not being good enough, an inability to say ‘no’ to unreasonable demands and difficulty in accepting help. 

This has an impact at home and work.  

You are in the right place if you are a, secret or blatant, big-hearted 'rebel', you have a cause, you want to live fully and die happy but don’t fit neatly in a standard box.  You know you're here for a bigger purpose and they may or may not know what that is yet. There’s a soul rebel within you who is attracted to the idea of authentic spirituality, who is ready to be deeply creative, who wants to say ‘no’ to the pressure to conform, who is ready to stand up for truth and integrity, and wants to say ‘yes’ to an abundance of love, joy, peace and prosperity to leave a lasting positive legacy for your loved ones and the world.

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authentic, abundant and fulfilled?

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Rev. Monica Douglas-Clark – The Rebel Reverend